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This week, Calyan brings you a remix of one of his favourite Scratch projects:

Super Mario kart 8!

This is one of my favourites because you can explore different tracks

and be different characters.

I have remixed this game by giving Yoshi a new costume!

(I hope you like it!)


Why not try to remix your own game.  Find one on Scratch 2 and then click 'see inside' to change the code.








Hi, I’m Scarlett and I'm a digital leader at WBJS.  This is an easy dress-up game that I made on scratch. I was inspired by other dress-up games and I thought “I’ll give it a go!” So here it is. I hope you like it…




We've been experimenting in Year 3 and Year 6 with the awesome programme KODU.   Helping construct imaginary 3D worlds and creating simple game mechanics, it's a great was to get into game design.   With an parent's permission you could try it at home too as its a free programme.  See what you could create - It's fantastic!


Welcome to the WBJS computing blog.   We have got lots of people involved in computing at our school and some very knowledgeable kids with the computer know-how.  


This week we have got some games developed by children in our weekly Code Club.   The following game is developed by Jessica in year 5. 


Here's what Jessica has to say about her project:


I designed this because I was really enjoying code club. I bought a book written by Mr Woodcock and chose this project. there were some tricky parts which I got stuck with but then figured out what was wrong. I hope you enjoy playing it!


Sonic Pi Tutorial

Still image for this video
This week Max, our highly accomplished digital leader, explains how to use the Rasberry Pi and Sonic Pi.