West Bridgford Junior School


Adverse Weather and Possible School Closure

Dear Parents / Carers,


You will no doubt be aware that the weather forecast is predicting the possibility of snow throughout the week. As ever we will always strive to keep the school open. Mr Batchelor, our Site Manager, will always do his best to make the site safe for children and staff. Almost all of our pupils live within walking distance and are not reliant on transport, which is often the cause of school closure.


Our main difficulty is the ability of staff to get into school, with much depending on road conditions where they live. Occasionally, failed heating systems are also an issue, as recently experienced at Cottages, when we had to hire portable heaters.


As I say, a lack of staff is the main reason we may have to either fully or partially close the school. Unfortunately, we can never be certain of our staffing situation until between 7.30am and 8am. By that time, staff who cannot make it to school will have informed me and the extent of any staffing problem becomes more apparent. It is only then that we can truly assess the situation and contact parents via text and the website.  I appreciate that some parents feel this is a little late to notify them, but to do otherwise could cause an unnecessary closure. 


Therefore, please keep an eye on our website and phones for any messages from us at around 8am.  If you hear nothing, please assume we are open as normal.  I will post any information on the Latest News Page at:


Kind regards,


Steve Arnold