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Ethos and values

West Bridgford Junior School is a vibrant, happy and exciting place where we very much see the development of your child as a partnership between us; a place where we learn together.

We believe that our core purpose as educators is to be a nurturing community which inspires children to develop a love of learning and discover their full potential.

Our school encourages positive relationships between our children, teachers and parents. We value our children and the contributions that they make and we encourage them to value themselves and others. The whole ethos of the school is one of high achievement, co-operation and awareness of others and their needs.

At WBJS we endeavour to produce a happy, caring atmosphere in which our children can learn. We are keen to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in all aspects of their education, not just intellectually, but also socially, physically, and creatively. We provide a wide range of learning experiences through which children will gain a positive self-image to help them on their path as successful and happy, life-long learners.

Our Values

Our values were chosen in partnership with our children, parents and governors. We started with a Vision Evening for staff and governors and then shared the outcomes with the children through class activities and assemblies. The parents completed a survey and, following class discussions, the children voted for the values they considered most important. We actually had a ballot in a makeshift polling station on general election day. Our key values, voted for by the children, are:

Equality, Teamwork, Perseverance, Creativity, Respect and Fun

WBJS is a place where diversity and equality are embraced. We aim to provide a safe and caring environment within which the children enjoy challenges and feel safe to make mistakes. We believe that all children have talents which can be developed, and that all can succeed no matter what the level of their ability. Providing equality of opportunity, irrespective of race, gender, religion or disability, is key to our philosophy which permeates all aspects of life in school. Our aim is to be a place for all to flourish.

We pursue excellence through an inspirational and ever-developing curriculum which engages and motivates our children. We have developed a clear vision of the child we would like to see leaving our school at the end of Year 6. This vision is reflected in our curriculum, our teaching and learning strategies, our assemblies and the ethos in our school. We want all our children to achieve their full potential and leave us as confident, articulate, enthusiastic, passionate learners ready to take on the challenges of secondary education and the society in which we live.

Our Learning Champions

Our six Learning Champions help us improve and reinforce our learning behaviours. These were designed by the children and we refer to them regularly during lessons and in our Star of the Week assemblies. Our Learning Champions are:

Professor Perseverance, Creative Cat, Have a Go Hero, Captain Curiosity, The Collaboration Kids, The Get Better Guys

You can see them all below.

We want your child to look back at their time at our school with a sense of pride, fondness and excitement and we look forward to working in partnership with you and your children. A warm invitation is extended to all parents, carers and families to attend all functions arranged by both the school and the Home School Association (HSA).