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Our Typical School Day


This is an example of a typical school day.   The afternoon lessons will change depending on each year group and the time of year.   In addition to this example, children have two PE lessons a week, and are taught computing, French, RE and philosophy. History and geography are taught in the afternoon slots and various music lessons happen on a Friday including school band, choir and recorder.


8:55 - Register

9:10 - Assembly

9:30 - Maths

10:30 - Morning Break

10:45 - Guided Reading

11:15 - English

12:15 - Lunch

13:30 - Science

14:45 - Afternoon Break

15:00 - Spelling

15:45- School ends


This timetable will be changing in September 2017, when are school start and end times will be altered.  The structure of the day will be similar, though has not yet been finalised.


8:45 - School start time

15:15 - School end time


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