West Bridgford Junior School


West Bridgford Junior School Aims and Values

West Bridgford Junior
School's Aims


As a school team we agree to adopt a consistent approach towards our shared aims and values. They are,


  • We aim to ensure that every member of the school community values themselves and others. We should all feel safe and secure in a caring environment, which allows our self-esteem to grow and enhances our relationships with others.


  • We aim to develop a sense of community within our school and an awareness of its relationship to the immediate, wider and global contexts, caring for all these by showing respect and appreciation for our surroundings.


  • Through creative practice, we aim to inspire and motivate all children towards a love of learning, to achieve their full potential, academically and socially, (both collectively and individually).


  • We aim to foster the necessary skills and personal qualities to enable children to make responsible choices to benefit themselves and others.


The children share these values and aims and have taken the time to write the Bridgford Promise. The promise can be found in the Children's Section of this website and is on display in all classrooms and the hall.