West Bridgford Junior School


Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Week Beginning: 24th July 2017


Monday: Values Workshops

Tuesday: Year 6 Graduation Celebration at St Giles Church

Wednesday: Summer Holidays Begin!


Sunday 23rd July 2017

So we have almost made to the end of Year 4, sniff sniff, and what a year it has been.  We've had trips to galleries, art projects, an art week, a visit to Bosworth Battlefield, Google Expeditions, skeletons, an Egyptian day, Healthy Sports Fortnight, football, tennis and gymnastics coaching, Book Day,  treats, Dukes Barn, .... the list could go on a while!  We have had such a lot of fun and even learnt a few things along the way.  We have celebrated the achievements of our classes with our Minion awards and weekly banana collections and it's been a joy to spend the year in the company of such lovely children.  Thank you to all of you for your hard work and positivity and thanks too to your parents and families for their on-going support. 

If you are heading to West Bridgford Library over the holidays, don't forget to visit what we are sure will be a fabulous exhibition of work by all of Year 4!  The team of artists and storytellers who have worked in our school have loved the creativity that came from our children.  Don't forget to take a sneaky peak at the wire models in the display cabinet by the help desk too as these were crafted by some of our Year 4s. 

Finally, just a few last pictures to show what's been going on in the last few weeks.  We hope you all have a safe and fun-filled holiday!  See you in September! frown





Friday 7th July 2017

Once again, apologies for the lack of news this week.  We've been so busy with art, sports, class swaps, welcome evenings and... report writing - duh duh duuuuh!  Hopefully, there will be an update over the weekend. 

For now, here is a picture of some of the teachers on INSECT day - can you 'spot' which one Mrs Cox is? smiley


Sunday 25th June 2017

News about our busy week to follow, but for now there a few photos at the bottom from Egyptian Day.


Saturday 17th June 2017

What a start to the week was had by all! We were joined in assembly by a dinosaur and we don’t just mean the teachers! As many of you will know, Wollaton Hall is playing host to the Dinosaurs of China exhibit but one escaped and came to visit! Not something that happens often!

Class 6 enjoyed a day of art and storytelling on Thursday as they began their work alongside West Bridgford Library’s Reading Challenge. This week, all three classes will be engaged in either a day of art or storytelling – lots to look forward to.

In maths, we discussed and learnt more about the properties of shapes. Can you say if these shapes are regular or irregular? Can you convince us?


The children began a new science topic about sound and over the coming weeks will be learning more about how sound works.


In literacy, we discussed how to write a balanced discussion – not so easy but the children all did a great job thinking of arguments for and against wearing school uniform. What do you think?


Following nicely on from this, thank you for supporting our first non-uniform day in aid of the Summer Fair which is next Friday (23rd). These second non-uniform day is next Friday in exchange for bringing in chocolate for the tombola. Please continue to send donations for our ‘Off on Your Travels’ themed hamper too. We’ve made a good start but there’s still plenty of room in the basket for more.


On Friday, the children found out which teacher they will be having in Year 5. These are as follows:

Class 4 to Mrs Cox and Mrs Cresswell, Class 5 to Mrs Green and Class 6 to Mrs Moss.

We will be joined by Mrs Stephenson so Mrs Cox still gets a lovely cuppa in the morning!


Not only are we having an art day on Thursday but Wednesday is our Ancient Egyptian Day – yippee! Please make sure that if you have any allergies, you send back the form that came home with the letter telling you about the day. If you need another copy, this can be found on the Letters section of the website.

If we do not have a reply we will assume that your child has no allergies to the listed ingredients.


Finally, to our little Minions. Well done to Shelby, Amelie, Charlotte, Leah, Izzy and Alex – all working hard towards being Year 5 ready!


Enjoy the sunshine; let’s hope it lasts until at least Wednesday for an authentic Egyptian experience!


Sunday 11th June 2017

I know I say this every week but it has been jam-packed once again, despite being the first week back after half term; we hope you had a good one! Classes 5 and 4 have begun work on a project that links the school to West Bridgford Library and their Summer Reading Challenge. Over the term, all three classes will be working alongside different visual artists and story tellers to create pieces which will be exhibited at the library over the summer. Class 6 begin their work next Thursday.

We’ve looked at the use of figurative language (namely personification, similes and metaphors) in Literacy by studying the Pixar short film, The Blue Umbrella. Next week, we move on to learn more about writing discussion texts. In maths, we are moving on to some shape work after spending this week analysing statistics and investigating the different activities we are or would like to be involved in.

The children have shared their homework too and have found lots of interesting facts about some of the countries on the African continent. On Thursday, we were able to share stories about our experience of a small village on the island of Zanzibar, Muyuni. Mrs Myring and I, along with Mrs Dix, were all privileged to visit the village school several years ago when we were linked to them; it was lovely for us to reminisce about our time there and for the children to ask us questions about our visit and the artefacts we brought back.

Thursday was class photo day – thank you for sending in such clean and well-scrubbed children! Hair gel and plaits were in abundance! It was also, of course, Election Day and the children were not left out. Having discussed the values we think best represent our school, the children were able to vote for the three they thought were most important to them and even had the experience of using a polling booth which had been set up in the corridor – lovely to see democracy in action!

Through all this activity, the children worked hard and collected 62 bananas! Our Minions this week went to Lottie, Amelia, Sophie, Raul, Kitty and Sean – well done, Minions!


Sunday 28th May 2017

What a busy week Year 4 have had – thank goodness it’s half term! The children worked hard in their Year 4 assessments in Maths and Literacy – if anyone can explain to us what a past progressive verb is, let us know! It wasn’t all assessments though. We learnt about the similarities and differences between us and children in Ancient Egyptian times and in Science, the children looked at how materials change state with the help of some colourful ice-cubes. Thursday saw the children in their 3-way-split and we enjoyed some glorious sunshine for tennis, practised how to say when our birthdays are (for future reference, mon anniversaire est le dix-sept septembre) and planned what our ‘worlds’ will look like in coding.


We remembered the victims of the Manchester bombings too and marked this with a minute silence with the rest of the school on the playground. We were very proud of how everyone conducted themselves during this. The Newsround webpage has some good advice for anybody affected by the sad news.


On a brighter note, the children took part in the Lower School Concert on Tuesday. What a fantastic bunch you all are! Wonderful singers, confident narrators and talented instrumentalists performed with aplomb; I have Mr Simmonds to thank for that fancy word! It is always lovely to see so many of our children involved in these events. Thank you to everyone who came to support us.

We hope you enjoyed the shows!


And finally, our Minion certificates were awarded to Ayaan, Kaye, Jonny, Bryleigh, Alfie and Lola this week – well done, Minions.


Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you back on Monday 5th June!


Sunday 21st May 2017

Congratulations to this week’s Minions: Amelie, Charlie, Alfie, Ella, Arian and Oscar. Big thumbs up too for our Stars of the Fortnight: Zak, Mathilde, Ayaan, Alastair, Layla and Milan were celebrated this time round.

We spent much of the week, or so it felt, inside thanks to the rain. It meant it was an opportune time to learn about the water cycle and the children produced lovely pieces illustrating what happens. In Maths, we worked on telling the time and solving problems involving time. In Literacy, our Egyptian stories were polished up and we began to learn about Howard Carter and his discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The sun shone brightly on Thursday, just in time for our Tennis lessons.

Image result for tennis in sun clipart

Next week, we will be assessing our learning in Literacy and Maths. We will be learning about the lives of children during Ancient Egyptian times and will continue to learn about solids, liquids and gases in Science. On Tuesday, we are looking forward to our Lower School Concert performances (some of the children have already practised as part of Celebration Assembly – check out our Twitter feed for photos As Mr Arnold has said in his Newsletter, these concerts are a whole team effort and all children are involved in the performances in some way. We therefore expect all children to attend the evening performance at 6pm. If you are unable to attend, please complete and return the slip at the bottom of the letter that came home. We look forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday.


Saturday 13th May 2017

It’s been a bit of a different week in school with Year 6 sitting their SATs; it’s meant we’ve had to be extra quiet during the mornings. Year 4 were very supportive and tried their best to be as thoughtful as possible, particularly Class 4 who share a door with Year 6.

During the week, our children were involved with hockey and football events – how marvellous! We have completed our Egyptian stories, have recapped how to find and calculate the perimeter of shapes, have learnt about gases and shared what we’ve found out about the Nile. As we didn’t have tennis lessons this week, we used our time for creating programme covers for our up-coming Lower School Concert. We also began a new P4C enquiry based on the image below. What questions does it raise with you?

We’re back to some sort of normality next week, whatever 'normal' is! We will be writing up our Egyptian stories before learning more about Howard Carter and in maths, we will be telling the time and solving time-related problems; ‘Yippee!’ cry the teachers!


Congratulations to Max, Annie, Dan, Niamh, Cas and Sam who were our Minions this week.


Friday 5th May 2017

Despite being a four day week (happy May, everyone), we've still managed to fit lots in.  We began our Ancient Egyptian stories by describing our arrival in a mysterious land.  In maths, we continued to find fractions of amounts and were joined by Mr Arnold and Mr Dudgeon, who were very impressed by how well each class tackled some tricky problems.  Football, tennis and swimming kept us active though there was quite a blustery wind during tennis on Thursday - happy belated Star Wars Day too!  We started to research the importance of the River Nile using various resources and we will be sharing this work next week.  We very much enjoyed our assembly on Wednesday as we were entertained by Carlton Brass Band; some of the children were even invited to join in - Iris blows a mean raspberry!

Sophie, Phoebe, Isobel, Rais, Martha and Martha were our celebrated Minions this week and we achieved our banana total, thanks to some very good lining up on the playground.  Well done, everybody; keep it up!


Saturday 29th April 2017

What a busy week!  Mrs Cresswell filled her shopping basket with shaving foam, jelly and coffee in order to begin our science lessons investigating solids, liquids and gases!  Having researched a small number of Egyptian gods and goddess, the children then taught others on their tables what they had learnt.  In French, each class came up with 'creative' actions to remember the days of the week - bungee jumping lundi?! James joined us from West Bridgford Tennis Centre on Thursday to begin our coaching sessions and most of us managed to get the ball over the net! We looked at how decimals and fractions are linked in maths and, in literacy, practised writing fronted adverbials (see this week's homework frown), speech and embedded clauses; we also started to plan a historical story set in Ancient Egypt. Next week, we continue with our Historical stories, look further at fractions and division and investigate the importance of the River Nile! 

Congratulations to our Minions; Norah, James, Jacob, Missy, Matilda and Lenny all received certificates.  It was also our Star of the Fortnight assembly and Ben, Natalie, Jonny, Charlotte, Jiahan and Kaye were recognised for their efforts. Well done to all 12 of you!

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image


Have a lovely extended weekend!  Let's hope the sun shines on Monday and see you all again next week.


Sunday 23rd April 2017

So the first week of out last term is done!  We hope you enjoyed a restful Easter holiday.  Many thanks for working so hard on your Egyptian homework - what an amazing assortment of artefacts we have gathered!  On Wednesday, we enjoyed sharing this work with each other.  Wednesday was also an exciting day for the school as we interviewed for a new teacher to join us in September and Year 4 were chosen to be taught by the prospective candidates - everyone stayed after lunch so you must have made them feel welcome!  On Thursday, the school took part in Google Expeditions and we were able to experience the inner workings of the digestive system via VR 'headsets'.  It was a fascinating way of seeing something we wouldn't normally be able to.  The children enjoyed it so much that they were taken on a second voyage into the oceans and came face to face with several whales and even a shark or two! Rather them than me!

In our Minion rewards, we congratulated Chloe, Dylan, Taseen, Mitchell, Oscar and Gi Gi for their sterling efforts this week at school and we achieved the required number of bananas to put towards our next year group treat - well done everyone!

Next week, we begin our tennis coaching sessions at Main School on Thursday mornings so please make sure you have appropriate clothing for these lessons in school.  It's also meant to turn chilly once again so a warm jumper would be a sensible addition to your PE kit!    Image result for cold emoji Brrr!


Tuesday 11th April 2017

What a busy time we've had!  In the last week of the Spring term, the children enjoyed a rocket workshop and found that it isn't so difficult!  There was our Talent show, an interesting visit to the Methodist Church where we heard about the story of Easter; we had our treat, some of our children had their work exhibited at the new Rushcliffe Arena and we took part in the Easter service at St Giles Church.  It's a good job it's the holidays!

When we return to school, we begin our new topic, Ancient Egypt.  Hopefully you have decided on what artefact you will make for your homework, some of you may have already made something!  We can't wait to turn our rooms into museums once more!  Remember these need to be in on the first day back.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your holidays, keep safe and don't eat too many chocolate Easter treats!smiley


Wednesday 29th March 2017

Yes, parents, it's true - Year 4 have earned a banana treat! Tomorrow, they will be enjoying a DVD and may bring a small edible treat and a teddy to share it with!


Sunday 26th March 2017

Happy Mothering Sunday! We hope you've all enjoyed some quality time with your loved ones in the beautiful sunshine this weekend. Many thanks to all of you for coming along to our Parents' Evenings this week; your support is invaluable. 

We enjoyed a relatively 'normal' week this week, or at least as much as school life ever lets us! We started the week with a quick bit of revision in maths and had mini-workshops which the teachers enjoyed immensely- they allowed us to work with all of the children for two mornings which we don't often get to do! We completed our work on Persuasive language with some adverts for some rather interesting inventions- what would you say to sell a pair of umbrella shoes or a noodle fan? How about a set of dusters for your cats paws?

Next week we have lots of exciting things planned in to end our Spring term. We're especially keen to see what the Rocket workshop brings tomorrow and to find out about Year 4's talents on Tuesday!

See you all tomorrow!


Sunday 19th March 2017

Goodness! Where has the time gone? We have been so busy with trips to Nottingham Castle gallery last week and West Bridgford park this week, and visits from Mr Fairhurst and Dr Davies as part of Science week, we've not stopped!  We've tested toothpastes and the best way to keep a piece of paper in the air. There were Invasion Sports Festivals and several of our children had the opportunity to work with Belinda Poon, an artist, as part of a Rushcliffe schools project.  It was lovely to see lots of faces at the Art Exhibition on Wednesday; most of the work should still be able to be viewed during Parents' Evening this week.





We're back to 'normality' this week and are continuing our work on persuasive texts and we will be revising place value and number work in maths.  Hopefully you have received your times for Parents' Evening and we look forward to meeting you again during the next few weeks.


Sunday 26th February 2017

Welcome back! We hope you have managed to get through the Dukes Barn washing pile and have been reunited with any lost property. What a wonderful week the childrens had creating memories we hope will last them a lifetime. The Dukes Barn blog is still available for you to read through and photo of our time away are online too.

What a busy week it’s been back at school. As you hopefully will have been made aware of, it has been Art Week at the Juniors. Year 4 have created a range of pieces from quilted, tie-dyed textiles to wire tree sculptures. You will be invited into school in the near future to marvel at our masterpieces so please keep your eyes peeled for further details.


We were visited by our Governors, who seemed keen (?!) to help with sewing. There have also been athletic and swimming events which some of our children participated in: we hope you enjoyed your experiences!


Next week, we are back ‘timetable’. The teachers are looking forward to hearing the children recite the poems they have been learning for homework on Monday and we will have some activities based on World Book Day which is this Thursday. We shall be revising how to use column addition and subtraction in Maths. Swimming begins again for Class 5 and half of Class 4 whilst the rest of the year group will head to Cottages for football coaching whilst the rest of the year group will head to Cottages for football coaching. There’ll be Geography and Science lessons too!


Our Minions this week were awarded to Alfie N, Jiahan, Amelie, Aniyah, Sam and Layla. Well done to all.


Friday 3rd February 2017

So we've almost made it to the end of half term.  Just one more thing to come, if only we could remember what it was...  Ah!  Dukes Barn!  Of course! Hopefully you're all as excited as the teachers are and manage to pack what you need into your cases. Please remember to bring a packed lunch on the first day of your trip.  We will endeavour to let you know what we've been up to on the residential pages of the website though please bear with us as the timing of this can depend on our internet connection.

In class this week, we've looked at find the area of rectangles and squares in Maths and in Literacy we have continued to read The Midnight Fox and are nearing the end of the story, not before we've written our own endings though.  We've taken photographs of the plants at Cottages as part of our art work and had our first session of Philosophy this week where we had the opportunity to formulate questions based on a similar image to that below - what does it make you think of?


Our Minion awards went to Shelby, Amelie, Liv, Charlotte, Lenny and Holly.  It was also our fortnightly Star Assembly and Annie, Isobel, Mia, Aryann, Gi Gi and Oscar were all recognised for their efforts.  Well done everyone.


Have a wonderful weekend - I'm off to start packing.  Will there be room for Baggy the cat in my suitcase? angel


Friday 27th January 2017

Another week has flown by! It was nice to see so many of our parents at the Maths evening on Monday. We hope it was useful and that it helps with future homework tasks! In our lessons, we learnt about translating shapes and giving coordinates in Maths. Literacy focussed on writing further descriptions based on The Midnight Fox. We thought of ways to move about pieces of apparatus in Gym. Using the images we'd collected for homework, we practised extending the pictures using our sketching skills. We had the opportunity to ask some of Year 5 about their experiences of Dukes Barn and heard how they overcame some of their anxieties; just over a week to go now!

Our Minions were awarded to Beatrix, Ben, Zak, Sophie, Georgia and Alfie - well done on your efforts this week!


Saturday 21st January 2017

This week we have continued our work on fractions in Maths, learning how to find fractions of amounts. Next week we move onto position and direction. In Literacy, we have read a little more of The Midnight Fox and have been writing setting descriptions, where we practised using prepositions and embedded clauses. On Wednesday, we started filming short videos about different habitats we had researched. We had our gym lessons and learnt how to turn whilst jumping; next week, we’re hoping to move onto using equipment! We had a small taster of Dukes Barn and watched a video of what last year’s year group got up to. We’ll be having another chat about our visit this week and are inviting some of Year 5 along to help answer any questions we might have – should be good!

A big well done to all of our athletics teams who were in their first competitions this week! It’s so nice for us to see so many of you represent the school and, whilst it is nice to do well, we hope that those who went along enjoyed the experience.

Congratulations to our Minions: Alfie, Iris, Emily, Mia, Jenna and Martha D took home certificates this week. In our Star of the Week assembly, James, Alex, Jacob, Dan, Ella and Alex were rewarded for their behaviour and work.

Hope you are all managing to keep warm this weekend – hasn’t it got chilly?!


Saturday 14th January 2017

It's been a packed first-full-week back.  Firstly, we started gymnastic lessons on Monday and were taught how to jump in different ways and land safely .  On Tuesday, swimming lessons began for Class 5 and half of Class 4 whilst the rest of year group went down to Cottages where we had some football coaching on the very muddy field!  On Wednesday, we spent the morning at Cottages as we have kindly agreed to let Year 5 use our classrooms this term for their '3 way split'.  The children worked really hard down there and behaved beautifully on the walk to and from main school.  Thursday morning saw our three way split and the children continued to draw up their school plans in French and worked on their athletic skills with Mr Arnold in  PE.  We've also shared our wonderful holiday habitat homework in Science, learnt how to find equivalent fractions and add and subtract fractions in Maths, practised pencil sketching techniques in Art and began reading The Midnight Fox, our text for the term, in Literacy.  In between this, the children were also taken out to run races in preparation for up-coming athletics competitions.  Thank goodness it's the weekend!


Congratulations to Lottie, Max, Mathilde, Jonny, Alastair and Henry who were chosen as Minions this week and well done to the year group as they achieved the magic number of bananas needed for a year group treat.  The children have decided to bank these towards a bigger treat later in the term.


Saturday 7th January 2017

Welcome back everyone!  We hope you had a lovely break.  We have made it through the cold and dark mornings and are raring to go, if a little sleepy still!  This week we have practised athletic skills with Mr Arnold in preparation for a competition in a few weeks.  We will be having another lesson with Mr Arnold.  We have rather a lot of PE next week; we have a gymnastics coach working with us on Mondays this term, half of the year group will start their swimming lessons this week whilst the other half will work with football coaches at Cottages.  On Thursday, we have an extra PE session with Mr Arnold so he can begin the difficult process of choosing a group of athletes to represent the school. Mathilde, Zak and Thomas demonstrated they had the right sequence of jumps in the triple jump;  not as easy as you might think!

We also shared with the children our intention to enter the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition which we hope will give everyone a chance to display their creative writing talents.  The BBC website has more details and includes previous winners' stories.

Keep warm and we shall see you, and your PE kits, on Monday!  Happy weekend!

Friday 11th November 2016

Many thanks for supporting the HSA and bringing in chocolate today for the Christmas Fair; it's only a few weeks away! We've begun to fill our hamper with green things and we're sure it will look amazing in time for it to be raffled.  This week, we have learnt how to use the grid method to solve multiplication problems and have begun to write up our notes about Henry VIII's 6 wives.  On Monday, we had a 'hands on' lesson about the digestion system and Wednesday saw the children finding out what happened at Bosworth before our trip this Monday.


This week Evie, Cas, Niamh, Mia, Tahseen and Lola received certificates- well done, Minions!


Friday 4th November 2016

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely and relaxing half term. Having marked the half term homework, we can see lots of you got plenty of sleep!  Now the dark nights are drawing in, it certainly makes us want to snuggle inside.  However, the trees dotted about the school have been dropping their beautifully coloured leaves and several of our children have been inspired to create some Andy Goldsworthy art from the 'Autumnal litter' on the playground after our lesson on his work before half term! Inside, where it's been slightly toastier, we have begun our research on Henry VIII's wives in preparation for writing a report about them.  In maths, we looked at several elements of multiplication: doubling and halving, factors and multiplying 3 numbers together have been the basis of our lessons this week.  We are nearing completion on our Tudor houses and have started work on the roofs, just in time for the wintery weather!  Once more, we have collected enough bananas to reach our target and are banking them up!  Our Minion certificates were awarded to Oscar, Sam, Freddie, Mathilde, Juliet and Theo-  well done, Minions!

Our trip to Bosworth is just over a week away.  You should have received letter informing you of our timings and what the children need to bring with them.  It also congratulates (if that's the right word!) Mrs Wynch, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Gornall, Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Fairhurst and Mrs Miller who were picked out of the hat to accompany us.  Many thanks once more to those of you who also put yourselves forward.


Enjoy any Bonfire celebrations you are going to, keep safe and warm and see you all next week!


Friday 21st October 2016

It's been rather quiet in school with Year 6 away! In Year 4, we've been writing Autumn inspired poetry and practising solving problems involving time.  Our Tudor houses are slowly taking shape and we've been discussing the question posed by our Pupil Parliament - Should baby girls be dressed in pink?

We also welcomed our first parent readers; if you are able to spare some time, please let us know.

This week's Stars of the Week were Rais, Alfie, Raul, Liam, Kitty and Lenny and our Minion awards went to Dylan, Charlie, Isabelle, Isabella, Cas and Iris.  The children also earned the all important 60 bananas which they have chosen to bank towards a bigger treat.  Well done to you all.  It's only a brief catch up this week as we're busy preparing for the half term holidays - yippee! Remember that there is an INSET on the first Monday after half term, so the children return on the Tuesday.  Whatever you are up to this holiday, we hope you have fun and stay safe.  See you soon.


Friday 14th October 2016

Another week of hard work in Year 4.  This week we have looked at various properties of 2D shapes in maths and have written a descriptive setting for the beginning of a story in literacy.  We began to create our Tudor houses on Wednesday and successfully cut the wood needed to make the frame without losing any fingers!  Success!  We also investigated which of a selection of liquids would make an old penny shiniest.  It turns out orange juice works a treat which showed us how it can also damage our teeth if we drink it too often.

Our Minion rewards this week went to Annie, Bertie, Raul, Aniyah, Martha, Violet and Ella.  Well done everyone.  There were lots of completed start charts this week - so many of Class 5 picked out the prize to sit on the teacher's chair for the day, Mrs Cox may have to buy another one! 

Have a good weekend. frown


Friday 7th October 2016

It was nice to meet so many parents this week during our Parents' Evening.  Hopefully you had the chance to hear how well your children have settled and were able to ask any questions you may have had. 


This week, we learnt how to take care of our teeth and breathed a little sigh of relief that we no longer use mouse head tooth paste or have to visit a barber-surgeon as the Tudors did.  Phew!  The children have begun the process of planning and creating a Tudor house; if the designs are anything to go by, they're going to be good!  We also started to plan our ideas for a piece of writing inspired by stories with imaginary settings.  In maths, we've continued to look at written methods and have focussed on subtraction.  Next week, we move onto 2D shapes and how we can describe them using different properties.


Our Minions this week were Amelie, Sophie, Amelie, Oscar, Mitchell and Alistair.  It was also our Star Assembly and Max, Charlie, Martha, Lenny, Max and Norah were awarded for their efforts.  We also had a new award to present; our Act of Kindness trophy.  This is given in honour of Rosie Perry-Jones, a much loved and missed former pupil who sadly passed away last year.  Rosie was always so full of fun, kindness and compassion for her fellow pupils and this award recognises a pupil who has demonstrated these qualities.  It was wonderful to present this for the first time to Bryleigh.  Congratulations to all of our super stars. frown


Friday 30th September 2016

Goodness, the last day of September already!  Where did it go?


This week saw Year 4 finding out a little about Jesus' childhood and discovering how Tudor houses were made.  We've also looked at how to solve addition problems using column methods and continued to build on our descriptive writing skills.  This week's Minion awards went to Ayaan, Gi Gi, Leah, Aryaan, Ben and Esme - well done to all of you. 

Next week is a particularly busy one; we have parents' meetings in the evenings, Harvest festivals and individual school photos all taking place, not to mention the after school clubs and plethora of music lessons.  We're feeling tired just thinking about it!


Friday 23rd September 2016

Another busy week in Year 4.  This week we used a toilet roll - a highly technical piece of equipment - to show when the Tudor kings and queens ruled; the teachers were delighted to see that they weren't born 'that long ago' after all!  In science, we learnt about the different teeth we have and what their functions are.  Can you remember the different names, Year 4? 




Well done to our 'Stars of the Fortnight'; Phoebe, Sophie, Theo, Sean, Isaac and Lottie who received the first awards this year.  Natalie, James, Kaye, Sam, Jonny and Jacob received the Minion awards this week.


You should have received a letter inviting you to meet the teachers at our upcoming parents' evenings.  If you haven't already, please return your slips to school so we can arrange a time to meet.



Friday 16th September 2016

This week we began our lessons proper, as it were.  The children practised several skills in literacy including using 'ed' words to begin sentences with and revised their understanding of place value in maths.  We had the opportunity to share some amazing pieces of Tudor homework at the start of the week and we were impressed by the variety of artefacts that have made their way into school.  A few photos are on our Twitter page. Despite the fact that it was one of the hottest days of the year, the children spent Wednesday afternoon creating Christmas cards (yes, I said Christmas in September - apologies) and hopefully they have made their way home for you to look at in the hope you will order some to help raise funds for the school. Thursday saw the children celebrating their first Minion rewards and Dan, JiJi, Daniel, Jenna, Joshua and Shelby-Rae were the proud recipients of a certificate.  The year group also collectively achieved the magic total of 67 bananas which they have chosen to bank towards a bigger prize later in the term.  Well done, Year 4; let's hope you can do the same next week!


Friday 9th September 2016


Well, we have made it to the end of the first week!  Hopefully getting up in the morning wasn't too tricky though us teachers certainly needed an early night or two.  We've been impressed by how well everyone has settled in, including Mr Willis!  He was still smiling at the end of the day so we must have made him feel welcome.  We have begun collecting stars and bananas in earnest and are on track to collect our target of 60 by next Thursday.  Much fun was had playing parachute games in the hall yesterday; next week we begin our PE lessons proper as we attempt to learn to dance like Tudor ladies and gentlemen.  Hmm.... fingers crossed!  We have seen a marvellous assortment of homework making its way into our classrooms;  Jacob in Class 5 may need to seek planning permission for his reconstruction of a Tudor house!  We're certainly going to enjoy sharing everyone's work next week. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  See you on Monday. frown


Tuesday 6th September 2016

It's nearly time to head back to school.  Your friendly teachers smiley have been busily preparing the classrooms around our new furniture ready for your arrival.  Our display boards are backed and ready to stick your much anticipated Tudor homework on so please start bringing this in.  Another very important job you can help with is to make sure EVERYTHING is labelled; jumpers, trousers, shoes, PE and Games kits, bags, water bottles, books from home, your dog, your cat, etc. Maybe not your goldfish though, we're not sure how you'd do that! 

So get a good night's sleep and we shall see you bright eyed and bushy-tailed on the playground tomorrow.  See you soon!

Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)

Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)  1
Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)  2
Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)  3
Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)  4
Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)  5
Looking for Inspiration for Your Egyptian Costume? :)  6