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Homework Set: 23/11/17


Write a short diary entry


This week in literacy we have been thinking about how to write a diary. We have looked at writing a diary from the perspective of a character in a film.

Have a go at writing a diary entry for your weekend. It can be about this weekend or it can be a made up or past event. Try to make sure the diary entry contains:

  • A date as a title

  • Is written in first person (I , my etc.)

  • Past tense

  • In chronological order (Time order)

  • Contains time connectives (e.g. then, next, afterwards)

  • Feelings and emotions.




Extension :    Edit your work. Add two adverbs. Re-write one sentence changing its order. E.g. I walked downstairs calmly only to find my sister had eaten all the cornflakes. -> Calmly, I walked downstairs only to find my sister had eaten all the cornflakes.

Tell Me a Story (Junior Choir Song)

Shepherd's song (For Junior Choir)

Maths Homework 15/11/17


Please visit this page:


And play the times table game.


Circles:  Select 2, 5 and 3 times tables

Triangles:  Select  3,4, 6 times tables

Diamonds:  Select 6, 7 and 8 times tables


What is your fastest time?




Homework 9/11/17 - Review 'The Present' animation

Still image for this video

Sound travels in compressional waves much like the waves created by this tennis ball. Watch how the waves spead out and bounce around just like sound.

Still image for this video

Homework 3/11/17


We are nearing the end of our electricity topic.  Soon we will be learning all  about sound.  You job this week is to play this game and learn a bit about sound.   Once you have played the game fill out the questions in your homework book.