West Bridgford Junior School


Year 5

Year 5 2018-2019


Week Beginning: 15th October 2018


Monday: Start at Cottages Finish Main School

Tuesday: Start at Cottages Finish Cottages

Class 7 Hockey - Games Kit in School

Spelling Test - New Spellings Handed Out


Wednesday: Start Main School Finish Cottages

Class 8 Hockey - Outdoor Games

Homework Due Back

Thursday: Start at Cottages Finish Cottages

Paceball - Games Kit in School


Friday: Start at Cottages Finish Main School

Class 9 Hockey - Games Kit in School

Homework Handed Out



Year 5 Production Letter

Sunday 14th October

We’ve had a creative week at Cottages. We made fantastic rainforest boxes which show the different layers and animals living within them and hopefully you’ve seen some of the photos on our Twitter feed. We have also been creating different characters and scenarios for the Night Zookeeper team who came to work with us on Tuesday. In Science, we learnt about the life cycle of frogs and how it compares to that of butterflies. We held our class councils to decide on a subject we thought would be good to take forward to our school council; we voted to discuss reducing plastic, reducing the amount of sugar in food and having cooking lessons at school. In the end, our Pupil Parliament representatives raised the issue of helping the homeless – a worthy subject, we’re sure you’ll agree.

In Maths, we continued our work on place value, focussing on decimal numbers, and in Literacy, we looked at persuasive features and wrote some convincing arguments for receiving a new pet – watch out for those Christmas letters!

Congratulations to our Animal Award winners who were Charlie, Sudha, Izzy, Will and Tom. Well done also to our Learning Champions Flora, Hugo and Josh. no


Once again, there’s a lot of colour on this week’s blog; if any of you can tell Mrs Cox why, there is a 3 star award on offer!


Saturday 6th October 2018

I feel I start the blog each week in the same way by telling you how busy we’ve been and how hard we’ve been working. Whilst it may sound trite, it’s true and this week has been no exception. In Literacy, we have been getting our heads around different sentence types, what a main clause is and how conjunctions can be used within compound and complex sentences. You’d think that would be enough wouldn’t you but we still did Maths and other things! Maths lessons found us counting on and back in powers of 10 and having to think carefully about what happens when we cross over a place value bridge. We went all green-fingered in Science as we looked at asexual reproduction in plants and set up several investigations; we planted cuttings taken from different plants, potted up some ‘well-past-their- best’ potatoes and set out a sweet potato in a jar of water in the hope of establishing a root system. We’ll keep you updated.


Our butterflies have begun to emerge this week though some, unfortunately, have not survived. A few of our fluttery friends have been released whilst we wait for others to hatch. Hopefully, there will be some warmer days next week on which to release any late arrivals.


Individual photo day passed without any hiccups – the children were all smiles so there should be some lovely snaps!


There are lots of congratulations to be said this week:

To everyone who took part in the Robin Hood Marathon events last weekend; the times looked impressive.

To our Learning Champions for this week who were Finn, Anna and Zain.

To our Animal Award winners Mary, Alicia, Megan, Henry, Casper, Emma L and Flo.

To our Speller of the Week for the second week in a row and…

To Class 8 for topping the table on Spelling Shed this week for our school.

What a list! Well done to all!


There’s a lot of colour on this week’s blog and I may have missed a few opportunities. If any of you can tell me why, there is a 3 star award on offer!


Sunday 30th September 2018

How is this the last day of September? Didn’t that go quickly? We’ve reached the end of another week in which we wrote about character’s emotions using the technique of ‘Show not Tell’ and looked at how to punctuate speech correctly. In Maths, we worked with numbers up to a million, rounding them and representing them in different ways. We combined Art and Science this week as we revised how plants reproduce and heard how intrepid Victorian naturalists such as Humboldt headed off into the Amazon jungle and found species of butterflies, insects and plants that had never been found before. Many of them recorded their findings as botanical drawings. This inspired us to paint our own flowers using watercolours and the results were most impressive.

Equally impressive are our award winners this week. Well done to our Animal Award recipients: Grace, Thanveer, Annabelle, Alexa, Niamh and Matthew and to our Learning Champions George S, Leo E and Candela.


Sunday 23rd September 2018

It’s been a relatively quiet week at Cottages – no exotic animal visitors at least! In Literacy, we got stuck into reading our class book, The Explorer, and used it to generate ideas for using modal verbs. Place value, and ordering and comparing numbers were on the menu in Maths. We continued practicing our hockey skills and, despite the rain, we managed to get out to play some Paceball. In Science, we created leaflets to show what we have learnt about the lifecycles of butterflies and continued to make observations on our caterpillars; Class 9’s creatures have already formed their chrysalides and Class 8’s and 7’s are not far behind. We have been amazed by the standard of the homework which has been brought in about different South American countries and have enjoyed sharing some examples.


Congratulations to our Learning Champions this week: Billy, Tristan and Rebecca and to our Amazonian Award winners; Izzy, George L, William T, Leo R, Gabriel and Alex. Great work, everyone!


Saturday 15th September 2018

We’ve made it to the end of our first full week back. It hasn’t been an entirely ‘normal’ week, however, as we had our special visitors from across the world with us on Tuesday. Steve Scorpion, Gary Gecko, Sally Snail, Maxine Millipede, Carla Cockroach and Sophie Snake, who seemed to be the star turn for many of the children, joined us from Zoolab. Thankfully (especially for Mrs Cox) none of the animals escaped and they returned to their home where they live with Barry, who shared lots of fascinating facts with us all. Alongside this experience, we created watercolour images of the animals chosen for our homework, inspired by the pages of the book The Wonder Garden. In Literacy, we’re working on creating information pages to display beside our paintings. There were more animal encounters during the week as we continued to monitor our caterpillars – they’re growing rapidly and there are early signs of the silk threads from which the chrysalides will form. Using iPads, we have researched the life cycles of butterflies in readiness for making a leaflet next week. In Maths, we focussed on place value and this will continue next week. We have started music lessons with Mrs Blackburn and practised our hockey skills in PE.

We elected our Class Councillors for the year; many congratulations to Andrea, Beth and Joe who were chosen as our representatives.

It was also the first week for our school and year group rewards. Well done to Elsie, Lucas and Lottie, who were our Learning Champions, and to Olivia, Rufus, Saumya, Tabitha, Connie and Arthur, who became the first recipients of our Amazing Animals Awards. Keep up the good work!


P.S. Can anyone tell me why some of the words are in red this week?

Creatures of the Rainforests

Creatures of the Rainforests 1
Creatures of the Rainforests 2
Creatures of the Rainforests 3
Creatures of the Rainforests 4
Creatures of the Rainforests 5
Creatures of the Rainforests 6

Friday 7th September 2018

Hello and welcome to the Year 5 blog page!  We shall endeavour to update this page each week with news of our goings on at Cottages!  It's been a good start back for all of us; school officially started on Wednesday and we launched straight into our topic for this term - Amazon Adventures.  Having spent the morning finding our seats, writing our class promises and generally getting our bearings, the afternoon was spent in South America!  Well, ok, that's not entirely true but we did try to bring a little of the continent to West Bridgford.  With Mrs Green, the children listened to samba music whilst designing a carnival costume.  With Mrs Cox, they heard sounds and saw images from the rainforest and wrote vocabulary it evoked, ready for display.  Finally, with Mrs Moss, the children found out where chocolate (hmm... chocolate) came from and had the chance to try some interesting hot chocolate.  We started our Paceball lessons on Thursday and began our Literacy lessons with some vocabulary work.  We created Christmas cards, (yes, we said Christmas and yes, we know it's only September!) too.  The children found out about the rewards they can earn in Year 5 and began learning about South America in their first Geography lesson.

Next week, we begin our Maths lessons on place value, start our hockey lessons and will meet some usual visitors during the week!  Have a good weekend.  If you're going to see the Tour of Britain, wrap up warm and give the riders a wave from us all!



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