West Bridgford Junior School


Year 5

Year 5 2017


Week Beginning: 20th November 2017

Monday: Start Cottages Finish Main School

Tuesday: Mindfulness

Swimming for Class 7 and half of Class 8

Games for Class 9 and half of Class 8

Start Cottages Finish Cottages

Wednesday: PE at Main School

Homework in

After school Basketball Club with Mr Arnold @ Main School

Start Main School Finish Cottages

Thursday: Spellings out


Start Cottages Finish Cottages

Friday: Spelling Test

Homework out

Non-uniform day for Christmas Fair

Start at Cottages Finish Main School

Saturday: School Christmas Fair at Main School

1pm - 3pm


Sunday 19th November 2017

Busy, busy, busy is the best way to describe our week, with a little fun (did we really say that?) thrown in!  The children studied play scripts in Literacy and the properties of shape, with a focus on perimeter, in Maths.  Science saw the children labelled with various vocabulary and finding links between themselves; the result of this was lots of good recapping and discussions about lifecycles.  Monday afternoon was production time and we read through our script having discovered which parts everyone had been cast in.  On Tuesday, Mrs Crawford paid us another visit and we got to eat chocolate (yes, you read that correctly) mindfully - what a treat!  It was Groups 3 and 4's turn to undertake Bikeability training on Wednesday whilst the rest of us continued learning our lines, created dance motifs and programmed Microbits.  On Friday, we enjoyed seeing, amongst other outfits, the assortment of onsies owned by Year 5 as we marked Children in Need.  Thank you for your support; anyone who saw the programme on Friday evening couldn't have failed to see the importance and impact this event has on children's lives.

We celebrated the achievements of Sam CH, Aniyah and Martha H in our Learning Champion assembly and Alex W, Amelie W, Dylan, Charlotte, Ayaan and Sam W in our Animal Awards - congratulations children.

Next week sees more work on our production and on geometry.  Don't forget that we begin at Cottages on Monday morning and will finish at Main School.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Saturday 11th November 2017

First of all, just a thank you to all of you for remembering to give your parents your parents' evening slips - very brave of you!  It was lovely to meet so many of you and have the chance to talk about how well Year 5 have settled into life at Cottages.  Poetry has been the focus of our literacy work and we have used a variety of autumnal photos as the stimulus for our free-form poems.  The children have demonstrated the range of figurative language they have absorbed over the years and we've enjoyed reading their work.  Next week, we are studying play scripts which is very fitting as production rehearsals are about to begin!  We have been getting to grips with using a protractor to measure and draw angles in maths; not so easy!  Geometry will continue to be our focus next week. Don't forget Bikeability is on Wednesday so bring your bikes, locks and helmets in!

Well done to Norah, Jiahan and Liam who were crowned our Learning Champions this week.

Right, I'm off!   Strictly is on - I'm still coming to terms with Aston leaving.  Aston! Sniff sniff!


Thursday 2nd November 2017

Our weekly blog is a little earlier than usual so that we can enjoy watching the fireworks this weekend.  If you're off to a display, please keep safe!  The highlight of this week has been... PRODUCTION! Ta dah!  We started the process of casting and were genuinely amazed (yes, really) at the huge talent displayed by the children; it's made the job of deciding roles much more difficult!  Our Literacy work has focussed on the language used in poetry, namely Daffodils by Wordsworth, and this topic will continue.  Measuring and drawing angles is on the maths menu next week after we have spent this week working on multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 100.  We enjoyed our final session of Paceball on Wednesday; we move on to dance next week in the warmth of the hall!


There were no awards this week because of INSET day but well done to everyone for turning up after half term!


Sunday 22nd October 2017

Another crazy week - when don't we say that?  Mrs Cox spent the beginning of the week in Shropshire with Year 6 at PGL so Class 8 were taken care of by Mrs Cresswell.  Class 8 were able to set their butterflies free on Monday morning before Hurricane Ophelia made herself known.  In Literacy, the children wrote persuasive texts against the deforestation of the rainforests.  Rounding numbers to the nearest tenths was on the menu in Maths and in Geography, the children were amazed by the vast size of the trees in the Amazon after looking at graphs comparing the heights of said trees with those typically found in the UK.  Using Henri Rousseau as our inspiration, we sketched different leaves found and collected from the garden at Cottages.  On Thursday, Mrs Cox returned and was very thankful that the children had earned some Golden Time so she could sit quietly in a corner, drinking tea and thinking of her comfy bed! 

Our Learning Champions were Sophie Wy, Isaac and Holly and our Animal Awards went to Liv, Aryaan, Arian, Mitchell, Alistair and Daniel.  Well done, everyone.

After half term, please remember that we do not return until Tuesday.  Children who are in Groups 1 and 2 for Bikeability will need their cycles and helmets as they have their training on the first day back.  The next set of swimming lessons begin too and children in Class 7 and half of Class 8 will need their kits.

Have a lovely, relaxing half term, keep safe and see you all soon!


Sunday 15th October 2017

What a week! In amongst researching facts about logging in preparation for writing a persuasive argument, practising mental maths strategies and written methods of addition and subtraction, we were busy taking care of our new arrivals; 13 painted lady butterflies emerged over the week bringing much excitement and fascination with them. On Friday, Class 7 and 9 released their visitors into the garden and they made their way to hopefully warmer climes - that’s the butterflies, not Classes 7 and 9! Class 8’s have been a little slower to appear so will be set free next week.  If you fancy taking a look, Mrs Cresswell added a video of one of our newly hatched butterflies on our Twitter feed .

Congratulations to our Learning Champions - Bryleigh, Layla and Izzy, and to the recipients of our Animal Awards – Gi Gi, Mathilda, Phoebe, Dan, Iris and Bertie.

A few special mentions this week too; Max C represented the school at the Rushcliffe Pupil Parliament this Friday and took part in a discussion with the council alongside representatives from other schools in the borough. Mitchell, Leah and Gi Gi also represented the school when they took part in a school’s sports festival. Well done to all.



Friday 6th October 2017

October?! How did that happen? It's been photo day and Harvest Festivals this week.  Many thanks for sending in donations for this.  We went back to basics in Literacy and focused our work around word classes and sentence structure this week; much hilarity followed a game of Madlibs.  In Maths, negative numbers and counting using powers of 10 were on the menu.  In other news, we finished our drumming lessons with Mrs Blackburn, looked at butterfly life cycles, thought about people who appear in the Bible and continued our work on South America.  Maths next week will focus on shape and Literacy will be built around research and persuasive texts.  We're are also about to embark on our French lessons - c'est vrai!

Our Learning Champions were James, Missy and Theo and the recipients of our animal awards were Oscar M, Milan, Kitty, Cas, Leah and Emily - bravo!


Saturday 30th September 2017

Sunshine once again!  Let's hope it stays a little longer this week.  We've been busy busy busy yet again in Year 5.  We've written character and setting descriptions, continued our work on place value and looked at different ways plants can reproduce - the potatoes are sprouting wonderfully in Class 9!  Our caterpillars have formed their chrysalides and have been moved into their hatching nets.  In Computing, we created posters to help us remember how to stay safe when using the Internet. 

Next week, we are having a grammar focus in our Literacy work and will be looking at negative numbers in Maths.  It's also school photos on Tuesday so remember to wash your face and brush your hair and teeth!  The Harvest Festival assemblies are on Wednesday so please bring in any donations for this.  More details are on Mr Arnold's newsletter.

Well done to our Learning Champions who this week were Natalie, Ji Ji and Henry.  Our animal rewards went to Max C, Alfie T, Charlie G, Jonny B, Kaye H and Oscar C!  Good work everyone, keep it up!


Sunday 24th September 2017

Hoorah, sunshine! Hope you’re enjoying this spell of good weather. How many of you have been out watching (or taking part in) the Robin Hood Marathon events today?

In Year 5 this week, we have been settling into the routine of Cottages – no animal visitors this week although our caterpillar classmates are growing at quite a rate and it shouldn’t be long before they begin to form their chrysalides!  Maths has focussed on place value and number work whereas Literacy has been based around our text, ‘Keeper’. We continue with this next week. In Science, we have begun to learn about the life cycles of plants. In amongst paceball, hockey, swimming, e-safety and music lessons we also created our Christmas cards (yes, you read that correctly) and these should have made their way home to you in the hope that you will order some and help raise funds for the school.

Our Learning Champions were Charlie P, Georgia and Lottie – congratulations on your efforts. We also said well done to Ella, Alfie N, Ben, Anastasia, Chloe and Mia who were the recipients of our first year group awards.

We held our class councillor elections this week. It is great that so many of our children engage with this aspect of school life and put themselves forward to be their class’s representative. In the end, Chloe, Max C and Isabella were chosen by their peers for this role. Well done; we know you’ll do a great job!


Thursday 14th September 2017

Our first full week back and what a way to start! Beth from Zoolab visited Cottages on Monday and brought along a few friends: Mr Twig the stick insect, Mildred the millipede, Tracy the tarantula, Fergal the tree frog, Colin the cockroach and Cornflake the corn snake made an appearance and most seemed very happy to make friends with us – Mrs Cox was very excited by this as you can see in the photos. It was a fantastic experience and kicked off our Tribe topic wonderfully!

How did we follow this? With toucan paintings, story writing, rock painting, samba drumming, paceball, swimming, hockey, place value work and getting soaked in the rain; this highlighted the need for a waterproof coat and change of PE kit!

This week marked the start of our new school reward system and we congratulated Isobel and Aryaan who became our first learning champions. Well done to both of you!





Thursday 7th September 2017

Wakey wakey rise and shine! Time for school. We shall see you all shortly at Main School at 8.45. We'll be the ones smiling and trying our best not to look too sleepy! 


Wednesday 6th September 2017

Well, it's almost time for you to head back to school and into Year 5 and Cottages - whoop whoop! We hope you've had an amazing summer, despite the lack of sunshine, and are rested and raring to go!  We've been busy cleaning and sprucing up Cottages and are excited about getting back to work!  Yes! Really!  Ok, so perhaps we're not looking forward to the early mornings but we have lots of new experiences for you to enjoy!  Have a good sleep tonight, a good breakfast in the morning and we shall see you at Main School in the morning.  Remember, the teachers are on duty from 8.35 and school begins at 8.45Pick up will be from Cottages at 3.15.