West Bridgford Junior School


Year 6


County Cup Final - Monday, 9th July

Hi all,

Hopefully, parents of the boys received the message about Monday. We kick off at 4pm at Poplars, Burton Joyce and will look to leave here at 3.15.  If you can assist with lifts, either leave a message at the office or contact Clare Parnell.  We are taking all 12 boys who have played a part in either the County Cup or the competitions culminating in the national finals.  This may mean that game time is limited for some, but we felt it appropriate given how successful they have all been over the year.  There will be medals for all. 

Anyone reading this whose child is not involved, do feel free to come and support the team if you are free.  It'd be great to see you there.

Homework - Thursday 21st June (for Monday 25th June)

We are currently in the throes of our classification topic in science and will be doing some writing based around this. For the children to feel as informed as possible for the task on Monday afternoon, we would like them to conduct some research.

  • They will need to focus on one species (plant or animal)
  • Videos, books and the internet are all acceptable ways to find out about their chosen organism
  • Note-taking (a skill we have practised previously) will be helpful; the children can bring any notes to school
  • If the the children have any books that may help them, they can bring those as well
  • Only the most basic information will be necessary
    • Location
    • Habitat
    • Diet
    • Life cycle
    • Threats 
    • Conservation
    • Other information that might be relevant or of interest to the reader
    • Any specific language related to their organism


This preparation is designed to take the pressure off the content part of the writing process so that the children can focus on the composition.


The Year 6 Production and Casting

This afternoon, we have informed some of the children of the parts that they will take in this year's production 'What A Knight'. 

This is always a very challenging process for the children and adults alike. We began the 'auditioning' during our Cottages week; the children were fantastic, not only in the way they read lines but how they supported each other. Nearly the entire year group had a go (including solo singing) - amazing that so many of them are willing to step off the edge.

We make huge efforts to ensure that every child in involved however they want to be. Extra characters and scenes have been created so that every child who wants to can speak at some point. 

We were very clear with the children at the start. They knew that if they were going to open themselves up to this, they would need to be prepared for disappointment as it would be so unlikely that they would be given their ideal role - there are only so many 'main parts'. 

The children knew that we were not looking for the best reading of the lines, but those children who had potential and haven't perhaps been at the fore of other areas of school.

However, we can never get it exactly right, and we won't have this year, but we've done our best. The production will be hilarious and very much a highlight of the year. And Year 6, remember, there are no small parts, only small actors.


Next Week

We've had a great science morning today. The children have held Moon rocks, looked at the space race and discussed conspiracy theories about the Moon landings. Most impressive, however, was Skyping with Dr Ben Bussey, chief exploration scientist of the Advanced Exploration Systems Division within the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (fabulous title). A special thanks to Dr John Woodcock for putting us in touch with his friend and managing the session brilliantly. Do ask the children about it - it was great.


To next week. We'll be at Cottages and following their timetable as detailed below:


Start - Cottages 

Finish - Main School


Start - Coattages

Finish - Cottages


Start - Main School

Finish - Cottages


Start - Cottages (band at Main School)

Finish - Cottages


Start - Cottages

Finish - Main School


Hopefully, that's all straightforward enough.



Well, that was SATs week. As far as we can tell, everyone has made it to the other side reasonably unscathed and hopefully a little more resilient. Our verdict on the papers is mixed, especially when it came to the maths; the English papers, however, seemed to be fairer than previous years. Anyway, who cares; greater and more rewarding tasks await us, but not before we've celebrated the children's accomplishments.


The forecast for tomorrow has become progressively more positive as the week has gone on, so we've moved away from the film idea and opted for an afternoon visit to the park. We will walk the children down after lunch and return to school for the 3.15 dismissal. 


The children have done remarkably well this week. Thank you for helping us to manage the children's well-being during what can be a stressful time if our collective attention strays from what actually matters: our charges' ability to accurately measure what is important. We know that the children now see the value of attacking a process with integrity and learning from it what you can, despite its obvious imperfections. 


Tomorrow, we will post more information about next week, when Year 6 will be based at Cottages; some of the details need to be finalised.

Again, thank you

The Year 6 Team


Friday 4th May

Maths - pages 15, 20, 21 and 27

English - pages 4,5, 34, 70 ad 71


Thursday, 29th March

Homework for the break -

Your children should have brought their journal home with them; inside, there are a number of revision pages to aid understanding.


Grammar - pages 41-43 and 68-69

Maths - pages 16, 17, 28, 29, 34 and 35


Reading Comprehension - Easter

There will be a new practice test on

Arithmetic paper - to be done independently in 30 minutes if possible, then talked through with parents. Journals and SATs Booklets would come in handy here.


Whole school Poetry - click on PDF above.


Have a fabulous Easter


The Year 6 Team






Friday 16th March

Maths - pages 53, 62,63, 64 and 65

English - pages 14, 15, 16 and 17


SPELLINGS - to be tested 22 / 3 / 18










Friday 9th March

Maths - pages 66 and 67 (coordinates), and page 68 (reflection)

English - pages 6 and 7 (determiners) and pages 73, 74 and 75 (antonyms and synonyms)

SPELLINGS (to be tested on Friday 16th March)

- committee

- environment

- government

- communicate

- accommodate

- embarrass

- rhyme

- rhythm

- sacrifice

- secretary


We would like to use the children's grammar books as part of their revision on Wednesday morning, so could all of the children please make sure that they are in school on this day.

The children will also need an old t-shirt for Arts Week as we will be using a variety of dyes and paints on different days and we would hate for any permanent damage to befall uniforms. 


Friday 16th February

Maths - pages 14 and 69

English - pages 50-51 and 62-63















We have today issued the children with their usernames and passwords. This is a website we started using last year and proved popular with the children and parents. The children have all tried their login at school and could successfully access the site. 


The website allows us to set the children grammar tests. They are timed and, unfortunately, there is no function for us to remove this. We have therefore encouraged the children to use the pause facility; this will allow them to revise any knowledge they require. We have set them a test to have a go at over the next fortnight. 


We also empathise with the horror of being asked something like, 'But why is it a preposition and not an abverb?' Should this happen and you would like to attempt to help, we have provided a link to the School Run grammar glossary. It is well organised and should cover most of what you will encounter with the children. For those of you even more committed to the process (and please don't feel you have to be), is a link to the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation. It covers more than the children to know, but has proved very useful to us in school.


Friday 9th February 


Maths - pages 72 and 73

English - pages 24 and 25


SPELLINGS (to be tested on Friday 16th February)

 - nuisance

 - appreciate

 - accommodate

 - opportunity

 - parliament

 - persuade

 - physical

 - prejudice

Look to your SATs booklet for the different ways in which you could fix these spellings in your minds.


Parents and carers should note that spellings will now come home every week as they were during some of the Autumn Term. These will be tested every Friday. It came to our attention that some of you were not made aware of this by the children.


Thursday, 25th January

Thank you to those of you who came to the SATS meeting last night; we trust you found it informative. 


Homework for next Wednesday, 31st:


Maths -

pgs 30 and 31 - Relative sizes

Literacy -

Colons pgs 52 and 53

Active and passive sentences - pg 11


Your children will have also received a list of 8 spellings taken from the statutory list:

recommend, relevant, restaurant, signature, sincere, immediately, soldier, stomach






Friday, 12th January


Happy New Year.

Due to our ongoing assessments this and next week, we would like you to continue to work on Young Voices (song lyrics and dance moves). Normal homework will resume next Friday.


Friday, 1st December


This week's homework:

Maths - pages 18 and 19 - Simplifying and ordering fractions


English - pages 60 and 61 - Plurals revision


Below is a link to the CGP Maths + book.  Some of you have enquired as to its availability - do feel free to have a look.


Friday 17th November

This week's homework:

Maths - pages 40 and 41, sequences (just have a go; anything that stumps you will be covered when we look at the homework together.

English - pages 66 and 67, homophones (also the children's spelling work).


Friday 10th November

Here's this week's homework. 

Maths - page 25 (multiplying decimals. In the green book, it's pages 25 and 26, but only do the multiplications)

English - pages 38, 39 and 40 (sentence punctuation)




This week's homework:

Maths - page 10 only (all books)

English - pages 28, 29 and 30 (conjunctions)


Friday 13th October

Homework stops for nothing, even PGL. Please find the pages we would like the children to complete for the first week back after half term.

Maths - pages 9 and 12

English - pages 44 and 45, inverted commas



Finally, the homework routine has started! Below are the pages that we have asked the children to complete. There is also a copy of the letter that the children should have brought home today.


MATHS (all books): pages 6 and 8 (not page 7)

GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION & SPELLING: page 46 and 47 (commas)