West Bridgford Junior School


Year 6


Post SATs - Monday 15th May

When we are Cottages next week, we will the same start/finish pattern as the current Year 5s.


Start at Main School

Finish at Cottages


Start at Cottages

Finish at Cottages


Start at Main School

Finish at Cottages


Start at Cottages

Finish at Cottages


Start at Cottages (apart from band - start at Main School)

Finish at Main School


A last minute addition to the event list is Ken Clarke. He will be visiting on Monday at 11.00. During the last General Election, he spoke with the Year 6 children, and he has requested to do this again. It is not a campaign visit, although we are in the midst of a campaign; he will focus on his life as an MP. Do talk to the children about the types of questions they might like to ask him and even encourage some research. His political career has been undeniably interesting.

David Mellen, the Labour candidate for Ruschcliffe, also visited during the last GE, and in true BBC style, we have invited him to do so again.



We've set you a grammar paper on to have a go at this week. Do your best and don't worry about any of it - there's still plenty of time to cover any topics that need a bit more time.


And apologies to parents for not including when we would do the mock week on the letter that came home yesterday; we will be doing it next week as per the timetable below.




The children have done incredibly well this term. They have made extraordinary efforts, and these exertions are translating in to excellent progress. And we refer not only to their academic, but to their outlook and attitude towards various upcoming challenges.

Below, we have outlined the homework that has been explained to the children. Do as much or as little as you like; we made it very clear to the children that they must defer to you when making that decision. We cannot stress enough how important it is for them to have a break, but obviously some of them feel reassured by keeping a few things ticking over.

MATHS - we have provided 2 Alfiesoft tests online and an arithmetic test on paper (please do not feel you have to stick to the timings; dip in and out as you like):


There is also another grammar paper on


HOMEWORK - Friday 24th March 2017

We're back to the grammar in our homework cycle. We've set you a new test on, so have a go. Remember, don't fret, just do your best. If you need to, refer to the online glossary we mentioned last week (link in the previous post).


HOMEWORK AND MESSAGES - Friday 17th March 2017

We could not be asking you to do more - so many of you are taking to heart our focus on effort and 'stepping off the edge'; you will reap the rewards, and we don't mean SATs, but throughout your education and beyond. 


Below is the link for the homework this week. Remember, if you are unable to complete the homework because of technical difficulties (e.g. problems with Flash and Apple devices), you must speak to us so that we can arrange a time in school for you to have a go.


Remember, we're setting you either maths or literacy homework, not both. This is so that you can spend longer on the tasks without feeling overwhelmed. If your parents wish you to do more, look to the spelling and reading ideas in the 'Keep Calm it's Only SATs' booklet.


And a quick message for parents and carers:

We'd like to thank you enormously for the way you're supporting the children and us through the SATs process. It's been quite smooth sailing so far and we intend to keep it that way. Please keep talking to the children and checking that they're feeling positive about it all; any issues, please speak to us so we can reassure the children.


Perhaps the most challenging part of the SATs process is the grammar and punctuation aspect of the curriculum. We do empathise - it is difficult in the extreme and we are hugely grateful for the efforts you're making to support the children during their forays on to To facilitate this, we've put a few links below that may help. We certainly don't advocate that you buy any new resources, but several parents have approached us asking for study books. We use a lot of the CGP resources in school and have found them to be very helpful. But, again, please don't go to extra expense and trouble - there are plenty of online resources.

One of the best online resources we found was from We expect that many of you have found this already, but thought it was worth pointing out to everybody.



SPAG.COM Homework - Friday 10th March 

This week, you need to head to for your homework. Log in just as you did on Monday and have a go. It is challenging, but you'll be fine.


AlfieSoft Maths Homework - Friday 3rd March

After your logon run-through this morning, hopefully it'll be very straightforward for you to get on with your AlfieSoft homework. As we explained, you don't need to do it under test conditions; we've set the time for 2 hours, not so that you spend that long doing it, but so that you don't feel any pressure to rush, allowing yourself time to think carefully through the different processes you can use to answer a question.


Do as much as your parents believe appropriate. There are 29 questions, so don't dilly-dally; ask for some support at home, have a go and move on. If you still don't get it, tell us and we'll sort it. However, do remember that we will be covering everything over the next few weeks.


Copy and paste the URL and logon using your name, date of birth, gender and PIN.


Below is an informal kit list. This is not the official one from PGL (which is not really that helpful), but is based on the staff's wealth of residential experience. Although the weather forecast looks quite positive for the week, we all know how dramatically this can change.


To wear in the day:

  • LOTS of layers (vests, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops, hoodies, jumpers - whatever you have)
  • Activity trousers, joggers, tracksuit bottoms (they must be long and allow you to move easily, so not jeans)
  • Trainers, walking boots, sturdy activity shoes (you will be climbing, so whatever will provide support and grip. You will not need wellies)
  • Hats, scarves, gloves - it's a very windy site, so these will make you more comfortable
  • Waterproof coat
  • You may wish to bring waterproof trousers if you have them, but they are not essential at all


To wear indoors / at night:

  • Pyjamas, other nightwear, maybe a dressing gown
  • Slippers or indoor shoes
  • An outfit for the disco


Other stuff you will need:

  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag


Items that you MUST NOT bring:

  • Mobile phones
  • Any electronic games 
  • iPads/iPods/tablets etc
  • Digital cameras, but do feel free to bring a disposable camera