West Bridgford Junior School


Computing Curriculum

Developing The Computing Curriculum

At WBJS, we take Computing seriously.  We find it proves an excellent playground for children to practise and apply skills in other STEM subjects and by Y6, children have a balanced and detailed understanding of how technology can help them solve problems and how with a solid foundation coding, they can begin to understand the digital world around them.


Across the school we use a wide range of technologies to help teach project-based coding.  We have made digital pets on BBC Microbits, multiplayer computer games using Scratch 2.0, playable 3D landscapes on Kodi and robotic cars using Lego Wedo 2.0. 


In class, children engage in cross-curricular computing projects, using Ipads to enhance multi-modal literacy lessons. We make films, posters, interactive books, animations and much more.


We also run a number of Computing clubs throughout the year for upper school with the help of our Code Club expert Dr. John Woodcock.   Through  these many experiences, we aim  make coding accessible to all, setting children up as the inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries of the future. 

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