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Y5 Project - Digital Pet

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We're going BBC Microbit mad.

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Here is a video to help you get started...

Microbit Tutorial 2 Tranfering a programme to the Microbit.wmv

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Adam F’s Penalty Panic!

This is a football game I made for the website: I hope you like it!

You are the orange cat (the green one is computer programmed). When it asks for your name, type in your first and last name with capital letters e.g. Adam Flinn.

To try and score, hold down the space bar for as long as you want. Then when the power variable is what number you want, let go of the space bar. You will notice the ball will launch itself at the goal. Then the keeper will dive at the ball. Hope the keeper doesn’t save it, and if you score, wait till it comes back to you so you can shoot again. If you miss, you have lost the game, and you will have to start again.





My top tips

  • Try not to shoot with not much power; it’s harder to score.

  • Type in your name, so if you beat the high score, you’ll be the high score person!

  • Have fun and enjoy!

If you like this game, maybe remix this and change it a little.