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Let's Keep Safe!


Internet Safety has been in the news a lot recently and it remains critical to teach children how to be safe in a world of connected devices.   With so much of our lives being governed by online interactions, it is important that children, parents and staff understand what the internet is, how it works, how it is used as well as its risks and benefits.     At WBJS, we teach internet safety every year for a half term and help children ask questions, highlight risks and challenges and help children think critically about the technology they use and how they use it.  


To support our curriculum, we use the materials provided by Google's BeInternetAwesome pack which can be found here:  As part of this, parents, teachers and children find the Interland game a fun and comprehensive start to internet safety.  Why not have a play here:



Guidance for parents


Technology moves like a whirlwind and it is hard as a parent to stay up-to-date with developments in technology and internet safety. Below is a selection of resources which can be helpful in establishing routines, monitoring children’s internet use and helping each household manage the associated risks of a world of connected devices. Ultimately, these guides are a good starting point, but we understand that each home will have a slightly different approach.


Whatever your approach is, it is important that every home has rules and routines, monitors and reviews access and that adults and children understand the risks associated with Internet use.


Every home will have a different approach to Internet safety, but by highlighting some good rules of thumb we hope that together we can build a safer school community.


Thinking of buying a computer game for your child?


Why not check the parent guide database first and make an informed decision about its online content, networking, language and violence.




Worried about the Momo Challenge?


This has been a big news story recently.  If you are still looking for information, have a look at the following links to help keep you children safe and understand what it is all about.


Websites for Children

Want to find out more? 

Here is the latest Digital parenting magazine by Vodaphone which has lots of stories, tips and advice for parenting in the digital world.