West Bridgford Junior School


Head Teacher

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I am really proud to be Headteacher at West Bridgford Junior School.  I was deputy headteacher here during the 90s and returned to be headteacher in January 2015.  In the meantime, my three daughters attended the school and loved their time here.  Returning to WBJS was not an easy decision, but I have not regretted it for a minute.  The children here are amazing and the staff are pretty good too!  Together we try to create an environment that allows everyone to succeed and thrive.

Part of my role means I have to spend more time than ever in my office, but I try hard to make sure that the children remember who I am and I just love joining them on the residential trips.


Favourite Book

As other members of staff have said, this is a challenging choice, but if I had to choose just one book it would probably be Animal Farm by George Orwell. It's a short book that can be read on so many levels and certainly had an effect on me as a younger man.



Playing golf (quite badly)

Watching football (in particular one team!) 

Organising trips for the family (I think I should have been a travel agent!)


Favourite Number

My favourite number has always been 7.  It was the number of the first house I lived in as a child and it is also my birthday number.  I quite like the number 24, for the same reasons as Mr Cunningham, but he had already bagged that one!