West Bridgford Junior School

The school will be closed for the Easter holidays from the 2nd to the 18th April. We hope all parents, carers and pupils enjoy a well earned break and look forward to welcoming you back on the Monday 19th April!

Mr Dudgeon - Year 5 Teacher / Maths Coordinator

Hi! I’m Mr Dudgeon and I currently work in Year 4. I have been teaching longer than I care to remember and still marvel at the wonder of ‘light bulb’ moments. In school, as well as teaching my class, I am also the subject leader for maths. As someone who didn’t feel they were very good at maths when they were at school, I really want children to believe in themselves and discover the magic of patterns in maths.

For my sins, I support my home town club of Coventry City and go to watch them regularly; you are allowed to feel sorry for me.


Favourite Book: 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl

I remember my teacher reading this book to me when I was a child in Year 3 at primary school. It had me hooked and I still love to read it to children when I can, especially the scene when Charlie finds the final golden ticket (spoiler alert!). I’m passionate about children reading, it’s such a vital but wonderful skill to be able to have.


Favourite Hobbies:

Going to watch Coventry City (see above)

Going to concerts

Reading a book that you don’t want to put down

Walking my dog, Tobie


Favourite Number: 7

What is special about the number 7?

I think the 7 times table is one of the trickiest to learn, do you agree?