West Bridgford Junior School

The school will be closed for the Easter holidays from the 2nd to the 18th April. We hope all parents, carers and pupils enjoy a well earned break and look forward to welcoming you back on the Monday 19th April!

Mrs Arnold

Hi. My name is Mrs Arnold. I have been teaching for 14 years now and have been working at WBJS for the last 4. I work Wednesdays and Thursdays at WBJS and have the great pleasure of teaching most of the classes in school. This means I’m in the very privileged position of getting to know most of our pupils. Although I enjoy teaching all of the subjects, I have a particular passion for teaching Mathematics. I just love the way it works and really enjoy finding new and exciting problems to solve!


Favourite Book

Well, that’s very tricky. I love anything to do with space and have read many books, both fiction and non-fiction in this area.

However, I think my favourite book to read to children is, ‘The Man Who Walked Between the Towers’ by Mordicai Gerstein. I just love seeing the expression on children’s faces when you explain it is a true story and show photos of it actually happening. So inspiring!



Anything to do with space (I’m obviously going to be an astronaut one day... just working up to it!)

I like to play touch rugby – although haven’t for a while due to injury.

I am also a bit of a secret figure skater; shush, don’t tell anyone!


Favourite number

How on Earth would I begin to choose a favourite number? They’re all amazing!

I’m going with zero. Doesn’t get enough credit and holds the whole thing together. Bravo, Zero!