West Bridgford Junior School

The school will be closed for the Easter holidays from the 2nd to the 18th April. We hope all parents, carers and pupils enjoy a well earned break and look forward to welcoming you back on the Monday 19th April!

Mrs Parnell - Teaching Assistant

Hello! I’m Mrs Parnell. I’m a Teaching Assistant in my 6th year at WBJS. I’ve been a Teaching Assistant for 13 years now. 
I work with individual pupils, groups of children or, on occasion, a whole class. 
I like to be involved with the school athletics team, as this was always a passion of mine when I was at school. 
Favourite Book
One of my favourite books is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 
I love the creation of Narnia, a land of magical creatures and adventure. Characters are described in a form that children and even some adults enjoy. I like Lucy best because she is a curious, truthful and kindhearted girl whom I could relate to. This book taught me two important lessons; that looks can be deceiving and that two wrongs don't make a right. I loved reading this book to both of my boys when they were young. 
I’m a keen runner and last year I pushed my limits and entered my first half marathon-The Robin Hood Half. I’ve got the bug for it now and have since run two more half marathons, with another 3 already booked in for the first half of this year. 
I also love listening to music. 
Favourite number
Never really given this much thought to be honest. I’m going to say 26. Because it’s the age that I am in my head!