West Bridgford Junior School


School Governors

The West Bridgford Junior School Full Governing Body

West Bridgford School Governing body are an elected group of individuals who are responsible for supporting and challenging the way the school is run. We aim to ensure that that every children’s learning and progress within the school is paramount and every child can develop to their full potential.


We are a diverse and enthusiastic team of people from the school and local community including teachers, parents, governors elected for a specific skill (co-opted) and local authority governors (elected by the body that is responsible for maintaining the school).

Together with the pupils and staff, we set the aims and objectives for the school, develop policies and targets to achieve those objectives and monitor and evaluate progress of the school towards these objectives.


The Full Governing Body meet termly. These meetings carry out formal business, receive reports from committees, ratify decisions made in them and discuss the management of the school.

There are two subcommittees – the Strategic Development and Pupils Committee and the Finance, Personnel and General Purposes Committee. The subcommittees also meet termly.


Strategic Development and Pupils (SDP) Committee is responsible for monitoring the delivery of the National Curriculum and learning within the school. It reviews school policies and makes sure that the requirements of children with disabilities/special needs (DSEN) are met. Key areas such as equality, child safeguarding, anti-bullying and spiritual development are also part of the committee’s remit.


The Finance, Personnel and General Purposes (FPGP) Committee is responsible for staffing and personnel issues including overseeing the appointment of new staff. It monitors the delivery of the school budget and allocation of funds. It is responsible for ensuring the premises are in a good state of repair and the grounds well maintained. It also has responsibility for regularly carrying out safety checks to make sure that the school is complying with Health and Safety legislation.


Each governor is also allocated ‘link governor’ roles. They take a particular interest in these areas of school governance and are responsible in reporting back to the Full Governing Body about its progress.


Occasionally special committees need to be created to deal with certain issues e.g. a pupil discipline committee or Employee Grievance committee. These would be made of appropriate representatives from within the School Governing body.

Governing Body Constitution

Governor Impact Statement

For attendance at meeting please see governor meeting minutes.