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Are you a doctor, dentist or nurse? Do you work in engineering, design robots or fly a hot air balloon at weekends? If you

have something to show us, or expertise to share, please get in touch with your child’s class teacher.


Autumn 2 2021 

Year 6: Heart dissection

Autumn 2 2020 Year 4: Making Sound Sandwiches!

Autumn 2 2020 Year 3: Plant Investigation. How much space does Farmer Colin need to grown his onions? We'll keep you posted!

Autumn 2 2020 Year 3 - Creating a Healthy Balanced Diet Plate Fit for a Superhero! Eat Plenty of Broccoli and Pasta!

Autumn Term 2020 Year 5 Properties of materials - Surface Tension

Autumn Term 2020 Year 5 Properties of materials - Which ball is the bounciest?

Autumn Term 2020 Year 6 Science. Investigating the impact of exercise on heart rate.

2019-20. Science Day 1. Year 3 are mad for bubbles. But which mixture makes the biggest bubbles?

2019-20. Science Day 1. Year 4 were charged as they explored static electricity.

2019-20. Science Day 1. As they voyaged down the Amazon, Year 5 ran out of fresh water. What could they do?

2019-20. Science Day 1. Year 6 started by taking their pulses!

2018-19. Science Day 2. Year 3. We have sorted plastics, looked at plastic bags, and woven our own plastic-free alternatives.

2018-19. Year 4 Science Day 2: Cleaning Up Our Oceans

2019-20. Science Day 2. Year 5: The Problem with Plastic

2018-19. Science Day 2. Year 6. Building Houses to Withstand Flooding

Year 5 Parachutes - What is the effect of surface area and air resistance on the time taken for the parachutes to fall?

Year 5 STEM Project - Making and Testing an Astronaut's Glove

Class 8 Rockets 3.MOV

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Year 5 Space, Forces and STEM Work

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Year 5 Space, Forces and STEM Work


On Science Day, Year 6 Learnt Morse Code and made Morse Code Machines

CSI Investigations in Year 5 on Science Day.

Year 4 built on learning from Y3 during 3 exciting light workshops.

Egg Drop 2018! Year 3 dropped eggs on Science Day, but which ones survived the fall?

October 2018 STEAM Club made anomometers to measure the windspeed in the Cottages garden.

Electric cars

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Year 4 finished off their electricity topic by making electric cars. Look how fast they go!

Autumn 2018. Does it matter how close together the onions are planted? Year 3 find out.

Autumn 2018. Year 3 made some delicious smoothies. #healthy eating

Autumn 2018. If you ask Year 6 to prove that light travels in straight lines.... they will! Brilliant scientific thinking.

Year 5 observed how caterpillars have turned to butterflies. Autumn 1 2018

Autumn 2018. Year 5 investigated how plants reproduce.

Autumn 2018. Investigating electricity in Year 4