West Bridgford Junior School


Special Educational Needs and Disability

Special Educational Needs at WBJS


If you've navigated your way to this page of the website, it's possibly because you have concerns or worries about your child in school. 


The intention of this page is to help you find the best way to support your child with whatever needs they have.


You will find various links, documents and images to help you find what you need.


Mr. Craig Martin - Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs. Karen Stephenson - SEN Manager

Mrs Stephenson and I work very closely together and have done so for many years. 

The Governors receive information each year from the SENCo about the number of children on the Special Needs Register and their needs, information about 'provision mapping' and the training of members of staff, together with updates to the Special Educational Needs Policy.  

The Senior Leadership Team verify school data related to all vulnerable groups to see that needs are appropriately met.  The Headteacher's report provides an update on the number of SEND children in the school.

At the end of each year staff attend a transition staff meeting to ensure receiving staff are aware of the needs of their new intake for September.