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Maths in the Real World Day


Hi folks,

Next week, on 16.11.20, we have our Maths in the Real World Day.   It is a chance for us to go to town on STEM subjects and learn about how Maths is applied in real situations.


This year, Year 3 will be looking at how geometry is used to inform architecture.   We will be then planning, building and testing the bridges we construct.   Throughout the day, we will be learning about accurate measuring, identifying patterns and learning about how 2D and 3D shapes are used to construct the world around us.  




Thursday 5th November 2020   

Super Hero Day was a Roaring Success!


We had a fantastic day; thanks for putting so much effort into your costumes!  In the morning, we did a guided role play in which we ventured to the caves underneath West Bridgford to defeat the vicious villain, Timmy the Tyrant/ Dr Evil. We had to use teamwork to cross pools of lava, unlock doors and swipe the 'Beads of Power' from our sleeping foe.


Later in the day, we looked at super foods, indeed every superhero army marches on its stomach.   We identified some of the ways our bodies are super and thought about the nutrition it needs to keep being awesome.   In Art, we looked at the life and work of Roy Lichtenstein and had a go a making our own pop art.  At the end of the day, we danced our Super Hero Flash Mob on the playground with the whole year group (in their own bubble).


Many thanks to Isaac's dad for making a video about his real-life superhero job - we think you're all superheroes!   



A Quick Message for Tuesday 8th September 2020


Hello all. All of Year 3 will need to come dressed in the Outdoor Games kit in the morning.  The Home-School diary has details of what this should include.  They do not need to bring a change of clothes as they will stay in their kit all day. 


Children will also need to wear PE kit on Thursday too - more information to follow.


Many thanks.


The Year 3 Team  





Autumn Term Topic Leaflet - Soaring Superheroes