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Welcome to the Year 3 Page!

A special message from WBJS

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From Monday 20th April, we will be using Class Dojo to set a daily maths and literacy task.  In addition, you will have one Science task and one Wider Curriculum task to complete each week. Log on to ClassDojo now for details. 

REMEMBER: if you are stuck, you need to message your teacher for help using ClassDojo.  Anyone struggling to get connected with ClassDojo should contact 

Hello Year 3! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families.

We know many of you have been following the government advice and have been doing your daily exercises, which for many of you will be walking or taking a gentle jog in your local area.

It has been brought to our attention that an art gallery has popped up on Henry Road. The two thoughtful children behind the innovative idea have called it ‘Bring a Rock of Hope’. If you are out and about with your parents and would like to contribute to it, please bring along a decorated rock with a message of hope displayed on it.  Let’s spread some positivity and make people smile!

Latest Lock-down board games: 


1) Rhino Super Hero Battle  -  A fast paced Jenga-style game suitable for children and adults alike.  Throw in a super rhino and super giraffe for good measure and you have something marvellously entertaining and accessible for all.


2) Castle Panic -  A fantastic and easy to play tower defence game.   The best thing about this game is that fact everyone works together to win.  No more arguments amongst your little ones its you against the invading monsters.  Build defences and play your cards right to defeat hordes of trolls attacking the castle.  Easy to pick up for younger players (Age 5+)


3) Mice and mystics -  This is a board game for people who love board games.  A classic dungeon crawler with a story book to go with, great game mechanics and hours of play.  Requires an adult who likes board games or has a lot of enthusiasm but is definitely worth it.  The characters and story are accessible to children from about 6+. 


4) Carcassonne - This game is half board game, half jigsaw and is a good fun game for the family to play.  Simple rules, easy to pick up for younger players and an elegant and cultured concept.

Something to try at home....


Andrew Lloyd Webber is live streaming his musicals each week on a Friday. Something to try on a Friday night.




Easter Eggstra Challenges


After all your hard work over the past two weeks, you may want to try some of these challenges for something a little different.


Hello Year 3! We hope you are all ok and are not missing us too much. We know routines are different at the moment being at home, but we hope you are enjoying and managing to get through the work we have set you.

At the top of this page, there are a number of icons linked to different subjects we cover in school. By clicking on these, it will take you directly to the website.  It is worth checking these websites regularly as some change their content daily.


For those of you that have completed all of the activities in your booklet, there is an additional reading activity below. We have also put on a new set of spellings on Spelling Shed. Please remember to practise these regularly.

Spellings  - words with the prefixes 'super' and 'auto'


  • supernatural
  • superhuman
  • supercharge
  • autograph
  • autobiography
  • automatically
  • autopilot
  • automated                                                                                                                                                                                        

If you are not sure what all of the words mean, use a dictionary to look for the definition.

Challenge: Can you write a short story/paragraph which includes all of the words above?

Reading - Andy's Room


Have a look at the picture below carefully. Use your inference skills to discover more about Andy.


  • What are Andy's interests? 
  • What type of person is Andy?
  • How old do you think Andy is?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

How to Finger Knit

Feeling creative? Need a calm activity in the evening? Knit your family a scarf to keep their spirits up and their necks warm. Why not knit your teddy a super scarf too?

Mr Willis has a challenge for you...

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Home School Routine



Starting the day with exercise after breakfast is a great way to begin the day for the whole family .  With many clubs and outdoor spaces not accessible, exercise routines in the morning can make a great alternative.   Some providers are beginning to do classes on Facebook live instead of at venues.


- Joe Wicks has announced he will be running PE sessions on his YouTube channel during school closures for free  Highly recommended.


- Just Dance videos on YouTube provide a routines to learn with child friendly themes for a great start to the morning


- Cosmic Kids Yoga have excellent videos to follow suitable for the whole family for calm / kid friendly sessions and have been used at WBJS for the last couple of years to help support lessons.


Maths and Literacy


For the last 100 years, schools traditionally have planned Maths and Literacy lessons in the morning before lunchtime.   It is thought that this space occupies peak learning time for the children.




Reading is something that can fit into lots of places throughout the day and we know is included in you usual routines also.  Please continue to read everyday.  There will also be some reading activities to do during closure posted below. 



Art activities are things that can be included into a home school routine in different spaces throughout the day.  At school we often plan art activities as calm creative time in the afternoon.



Although some science work requires equipment you may not have at home, there is a remarkable amount of home science that can go on.  In school we usually plan work around an investigation.  Much of this type of work can be 'hands on' and practical and can use everyday items.  Can your children make the best bubble mix or can they test a jar of pennies to see if they are magnetic? 



If you have access to a tablet or laptop, then there is lots of computing than can be done at home.  We recently completed the 'Minecraft adventurer' series of lessons on .  A good next step would be to explore 'The Hero's Journey' or 'Voyage Aquatic'  







Additional reading activities:


Here are some simple reading comprehension activities which can be completed at home.  Each has an article and a worksheet based on a children's newspaper.



Top Five Board Games to Play With The Family


With many families stuck indoors, there has never been a better time to get into board gaming.  Whilst board games used to be about Monopoly and Cluedo, there are some genuinely great games to play as a family these days.


1) Ticket To Ride - This game is a great family favourite widely available.  If you have younger family members then choose the junior edition for 4+ family gaming.  Great strategy, easy to pick up, hard to master.   


2) Sushi Go Party - A fast-paced family game where you have to build an ultimate sushi plate.  Fun for all the family and quick to play


3) Fuse  - This game only takes 10 minutes to play.  A fast passed dice rolling game where you have to work together to solve problems and diffuse an imaginary bomb. 


4) 8 Bit Box - A great choice is you are playing with three or more players, this game comes with several mini-games inside.  With a retro 90's feel to the games, you can enjoy a fast-paced analogue version of Pacman or a great multi-player space-racer. 


5) Risk - You can't beat a bit of global domination.  If you suddenly have several hours to devote to board gaming, Risk is easy to pick up and explain and is a timeless classic.

Spring Term Topic Leaflet - Crazy Cave Dwellers