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Year 4

A special message from WBJS

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From Monday 20th April, we will be using Class Dojo to set a daily maths and literacy task.  In addition, you will have one Science task and one Wider Curriculum task to complete each week. Log on to ClassDojo now for details. 

REMEMBER: if you are stuck, you need to message your teacher for help using ClassDojo.  Anyone struggling to get connected with ClassDojo should contact 


We know you have all been working hard over the past couple of weeks so why not take a break from the school work and enjoy some of these fun challenges and activities! Don't forget to let you teacher know how you are getting on!


Friday 3rd April

It's Friday! It's hard to believe that school has only been closed for two weeks. You're all doing incredibly well and thanks to those of you that have made contact. Keep sending your Gregosaurus artwork and calligrams.



If you've not had enough of dragons, today's Pobble picture is great. There's so much you could write about, the setting being one of them. You could write it as story start.

The mountain peaks surrounding the valley remained untouched by the heat of the summer. Snow and ice endured whatever the time of year; it was astonishing that there were still so many signs of life, the most dominant being dragons.

Use the Pobble website to explore what is happening in the picture. Some of you may already have noticed what is happening on the snow behind the character. 



Keep going with the White Rose maths lessons. Use TT Rockstars to get those multiplication tables learned. Choose some calculations form your home learning book. So many options!


Good day to you all. Suggestions for your day are below. Remember, you don't have to do them today - you can do them whenever. Make sure you keep scrolling down the page to remind yourself about activities you wanted to try but have forgotten.



The children in school started the ExploreMore activities (link at the top of the page).The slides take you through a story and pause at various points for you to think about what is happening. It involves lots of drawing, talking, thinking and writing. Start at chapter 1 if you've not had a go yet. Other chapters have been released now, so doing one a day works very well. The spelling list for this week is still in yesterday's update.


If you've started the White Rose maths as suggested yesterday, you can continue on to the next lesson. If you want something different or a bit of a challenge, have a look at the problem below.


Mr Martin has tried several home experiments this morning and found this simple one was a good start: spinning eggs. You'll need help hard boiling an egg, but then you'll be able to have it as part of your lunch. The image is also a link to the website where this experiment was sourced. There are a few other things to try.



Good morning Year 4! We hope that you're all doing as well as you can in these challenging circumstances. We've heard from a few of you, but we'd love for you all to get in touch. You have our email addresses in your home learning books - feel free to use them. Tell us what you've been up to, what's going well, what's difficult and anything else that we can do to support you: we're still here.


We've streamlined the web page a little. Lots of the key links are now sat permanently at the top of the page. If we've missed anything, let us know and we can add it. Each day, the page will be updated with ideas for activities you might try. Obviously, you might have your own routine going by now, but it's always good to mix it up. Because the Easter Holiday will not feel much different from the last couple of weeks, we're going to continue updating the page.



Today's Pobble365 picture is rather amusing. There are lots of tasks for you to have a go at (just like the ones in your home learning book) or you can just use it as inspiration to write. The link at the top of the page will take you to the the web page; remember, it changes daily.


These words have been added to Spelling Shed. Obviously, you can learn them in whatever way you like.

  • different
  • exercise
  • regular
  • complete
  • remember 
  • sentence 
  • separate
  • special
  • thought
  • calendar


Please keep going with TT Rockstars. Knowing all of your tables will help enormously with the 'catch-up' we'll all be doing on your return to school. If you've not tried the White Rose lessons yet, please do. The link above takes you straight to the Y4 lessons and it's exactly the decimal learning we were doing before school closed. Start at the beginning (week 1 lesson 1) to make sure your understanding is where it should be. 


The Gregosaurus Gallery is growing. Have a look below and follow Rob Biddulph's instructions on the video. It's so easy and they look so effective. Email a picture of it to and it'll be uploaded. make sure your name is included in the picture.

You might also want to have a go at some calligrams. There are lots of different types of calligrams, but single-word calligrams look great. You have to design the letters of the word to reflect its meaning. Some of the examples below are quite simple; you should feel free to be as extravagant and witty as you like. Send pictures of these to as well. Let's get another gallery going. Some words you might try: fast, prickly, dripping, curly, furry, smelly and lightning.



Mr Willis has a challenge for you...

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Gregosaurus Gallery

Some Gregosaurus efforts from school. Have a go using the video below, send them to and I'll upload them.

Art ideas

Here is a link to a great draw along site with Rob Biddulph. Send your finished masterpieces to your teachers email address!

#DrawWithRob 1 Gregosaurus

Lots of us are going to find ourselves at home with our children over the next few weeks/months looking for things to do, so I have decided to post some draw...

Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th

The children have watched some of these videos as part of their Arts Week work on graphic scores. There are a few of them by Doodle Chaos and they loved them, so we thought we'd share them with you all.

SPELLINGS - to be tested on Thursday 19th March

  • information 
  • sensation
  • operation
  • celebration
  • imagination
  • preparation
  • examination
  • admiration 


SPELLINGS - to be tested on Thursday 12th March

  • subway
  • sublevel
  • subtext
  • submerge
  • subheading
  • subtropical
  • substandard


Hopefully, the children have handed you a 'final arrangements' letter for Dukes Barn. If not, please find it below. Mr Simmonds sent a link to the kit list a few weeks ago; it's also below if you missed it. Any questions, do get in touch.



  • Please bring a packed lunch for the first day at the barn.
  • A pair of trainers for wearing outside on activities.
  • Wellington boots - optional
  • Waterproof coat and over trousers- optional
  • Several pair of trousers – tracksuit-type clothing is ideal (jeans are not suitable for

activity sessions).

  • T-shirts, one for every day.
  • At least three jumpers, fleeces or sweatshirts.
  • A minimum of 2 pairs of socks per day which cover the ankles. In addition, a long thick pair of socks for wearing with wellingtons.
  • Slippers and underwear.
  • 2 x bath towels, wash bag, soap, toothbrush, comb etc.
  • A warm short-length coat, gloves and a warm hat.
  • Torch.
  • A maximum of £5 for the gift shop.
  • Please bring a drinks bottle for use during the activities (please label with your

child’s name)

SPELLINGS - to be tested on Thursday 6th February 

Apologies in the delay in getting these to you.

  • which
  • witch
  • mail
  • male
  • ball
  • bawl
  • seen
  • scene
  • grate
  • great

Maths in the Real World Day

On Monday, the whole school will be exploring maths in the real world (something we do all of the time), but a full day allows us to be more extravagant. We will be making cakes. This will include timings, weighing, cost and popularity. Mrs Myring will be supporting us through this process with the expertise she has gained running her own business, I'MPOSSIBLE, an employment CIC.


Class 6 are the only children we need to bring in something from home: a mug each that's safe for the microwave. It will be returned to you, but probably best not to send in your favourite in case of breakages. Class 5 do not need to bring in any mugs as we changed the plans slightly.

Homework Expectations Year 4 2020

The letter below details what will be happening with homework until the end of the year.

SPELLINGS - Friday 24th January (to be tested on Thursday 30th January)

  • division 
  • invasion
  • television
  • discussion
  • impression
  • confusion
  • permission
  • expression

It's been a marvellous return after the festive fortnight. The children have explored the park as a habitat, examined Viking artefacts and begun training their dragons. And all this while still fitting in tables practice and similes. Bring on the weekend!


Friday 10th January 2020 - Spellings (k- sound made by ch)

  • school
  • chorus
  • echo
  • anchor
  • chemist
  • monarch
  • character 
  • mechanic

SPELLING - Friday 22nd November 2019 (to be tested on Thursday 28th November)

  • forgetting
  • forgotten
  • beginning
  • beginner
  • gardener 
  • gardened
  • studying
  • studied

HOMEWORK - Friday 22nd November 2019

Below is the homework for this week. The children had a go at similar activities in school, so they should know exactly what to do.

Correct the punctuation


To round off Anti-Bullying Week, we have asked the children to create a poster. They could do this on paper or digitally if they wish. Email if that's easier than printing. The details are in the PDF below.


To be tested on Thursday 21st November

  • illegal
  • illogical
  • immature
  • imperfect
  • irregular
  • illegible
  • impossible
  • irrelevant


Art resources request 

Next Thursday and Friday, the children are going to be using the sketching and shading skills they've been developing to create a small still life picture. To link with our topic, we'd like the children to bring in small 'shed items'. For example, nuts, bolts, screws, bits of pipe and other appropriate items.

We understand that some of these items are sharp, so feel free to give them directly to your child's teacher. Send them in whenever you have them. If you don't have anything like that, please don't worry - there will be plenty for everyone.

SPELLINGS - to be tested Thursday 17th October 2019

These words are from the statutory spelling list for Year 3 and 4. 

  • accident
  • believe
  • strange
  • various
  • interest
  • rein
  • grammar
  • possible



Homework - Friday 11th October 2019

The children were fantastic on the trip to Magna yesterday. We'd like them to spend some time reflecting about what they learned. 


HOMEWORK - Friday 4th October 2019

It's English this week. Please see the document below if the children haven't managed to get it home.

SPELLINGS - to be tested on Friday 11th October

Apostrophes for contraction

  • can't
  • won't
  • don't
  • I'll
  • doesn't
  • couldn't
  • wouldn't
  • shouldn't 

Apologies for not updating the website last week - we were still finding our rhythm.


HOMEWORK 26/9/2019

Multiplication tables this week. We have introduced the x3 to the 2s, 5s and 10s the children have been doing. This is all in their homework books, but there is an electronic copy below.

SPELLINGS 26/9/2019 - to be tested on 3/10/2019

Homophones this week, so it's vital that the children also understand the meaning of the words and connect to how the word is spelled.

  • peace
  • piece
  • main
  • mane
  • fair
  • fare
  • their
  • there
  • they're

It is our hope that will you be able to find useful information on this page. This could be to support your child with learning at home, our long term curriculum plans, latest Year 4 news, letters, spellings, homework details and any changes to routines. We will usually text a link when something has been added, but it would be good to check the page a couple of times a week anyway. If in the next few weeks you think there might be problem with the text service, do contact Mrs Goonan in the office.


Below, you will find the first useful document we've posted: the parent information leaflet about the topic areas we'll be covering this term. Further down, you will also find the spellings that the children brought home last week.

HOMEWORK - Friday 13th September 2019

Yesterday, the children should have brought home their homework book. Inside, there should be an explanation about expectations and a piece of maths homework. There is also a scanned copy below if, for whatever reason, your child didn't manage to get it stuck in. We also spare copies in school.

SPELLINGS - 12/9/19 to be tested 19/9/19

  • unhappy
  • unlucky
  • unwell
  • untidy
  • unusual
  • incorrect
  • independent
  • inconsiderate 

SPELLINGS - 5/9/19 to be tested on 12/9/19

  • vein
  • abseil
  • weigh
  • eight
  • they
  • beige
  • freight
  • survey