West Bridgford Junior School


Year 5

Year 5 2019-2020


Week Beginning: 18th November 2019


MondayStart at Cottages Finish at Main School



Tuesday: Start at Cottages Finish at Cottages

Spelling Test and New Spellings Out


Wednesday: Start at Main School Finish at Cottages



Thursday: Start at Cottages Finish at Cottages

Paceball - All classes - All children will require an outdoor games kit including a suitable change of footwear

Parents' Evening with Mrs Stephenson


Friday: Start at Cottages Finish at Main School


Non-uniform day - Bring chocolate



Saturday 9th November 2019

Happy Saturday and happy new term!  It was lovely to meet so many parents this week at our parents' evenings - hopefully you've thawed out!  We've been impressed by the maturity shown by all of the children during our RSE lesson this week - there will be a follow up lesson in the next few weeks when we will go through any questions the children have raised.  In Literacy, we created a story map and a dictionary of words taken from the Explorer and in Maths, we explored (get it?) reading and interpreting line graphs.  Next week, we will be spending time rehearsing for the upcoming Christmas production as well as thinking about mental methods for multiplying and dividing, and some sentence work.  It's also our Science Day, Antibullying week and Children in Need - another quiet week then!

Congratulations to our Year 5 reward recipients: Lawrence, Will, Jack, Heidi, Kole, Joseph and Sammy.


Friday 1st November 2019


A quick note as we head towards the end of our half term break; have you enjoyed the extra week as much as we have?  For those of you who were celebrating Halloween, we hope you had a good time and haven't over indulged in treats!  If you're making your way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night events, please wrap up warm, keep safe and enjoy the fireworks!  We are back to school on Tuesday as Monday is INSET for teachers so it means an extra day of fun and rest (?!) for you.  We'll be starting our production rehearsals soon and enjoying all the festivities this half term brings.  Weather permitting, we will have hockey and paceball lessons outside so bring in suitable clothing.  A dry pair of socks is a very good idea to have in your bag too at this time of year, in case we get caught in the rain on our journeys to and from Main School.  Your parents' should have received their parents' evening times  for this week - please make sure they know Year 5 teachers will be at Cottages.  You should also have taken home a letter about our RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) lessons which start on Wednesday. Next week, we will be finishing off our lessons based on The Explorer and using addition and subtraction with statistics in Maths.  There will be a lesson comparing the forests of the UK with the rain forest too.  

Enjoy the weekend and see you on Tuesday.


Sunday 13th October 2019


Afternoon all!  What a soggy day - it's been raining cats and dogs out there (idiom!). 

In Maths, we have been measuring, estimating and drawing angles and doing a very good job of it too!  Next week, we are still looking at geometry but will focus on perimeter.  In Literacy, we've read more of The Explorer - it got pretty tense in some chapters this week - eek!  There has been a focus on figurative language to make our writing more interesting.  Whilst we will continue to read the book, we are coming to the end of our focussed work on the story and are going to finish with a character description to show off all the techniques we have learnt over the half term.  Our rain forest dioramas are almost finished too and we hope you will enjoy looking at these at parents' evening after half term.

Our Stars of the Week/Learning Champions were Ebony, Charlie W and Sam H and our Year Group awards were collected by Woody, Alexia, Clem, Jemima, Adam and Ben.  Well done, everyone.


Sunday 6th October 2019


Evening all!  Just a quick update whilst watching Strictly... who do you think will go this week?  We've been busy bees (or perhaps that should be busy butterflies) this week with writing a persuasive piece about which item to take on a raft journey along the Amazon, revisiting addition and subtraction techniques and learning about what the rain forest actually is.  We've begun to design our group dioramas which will show our understanding of the different layers.  In Science, we have set up several observations to see how plants are able to reproduce asexually; in a few weeks time, we're hoping to find some roots growing from our plantlets, cuttings and potato seeds.  There may even be some roots from our sweet potato cutting which we have immersed in water.  Keeping with the Science theme, our caterpillars all emerged from their pupae as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies and we were able to release them into the Cottages garden this week.  


Congratulations to our Learning Champions Milo, Rose and Arthur, and to our Rain Forest reward recipients Lawrence, Eleanor, Nidhi, Harry T, Raihan, Sophie and Jack.


See you all tomorrow!

Bye Bye Butterflies

Sunday 29th September 2019


Our blog is short and sweet today.  The term seems to be flying past!  Since our last blog, we have worked with decimal numbers and learnt how to order and place them on number lines.  We have continued to read The Explorer and have thought about the use of modal verbs and persuasive language – there’ll be more of this next week.  In Science, we have looked at the flowering parts of plants and have drawn some lovely botanical pictures; this week, we will be setting up some observations.  We’ve been learning more about the rainforests and have highlighted maps to show the amount of rainfall in those of South America.  Our School Council hustings were held on Monday and Verity, Harry and Isabel were elected – many congratulations to you and well done to all those who put themselves forward.

Congratulations also to Isla, Max, Aaira, Amelia, Emma and Isabel who have been our Learning Champions.  Freddie, Asha, Sathvika, Milo, Tyler, William, Flo, Alyshia and Verity were also among our Rainforest Year Group Champions.  Well done!

Paceball in the Sun

Sunday 15th September 2019


Our first full week back is done – boom!  On Tuesday, Brendan from Zoolab brought along a selection of friends to meet us.  Pogo the Tree Frog, Star the Tarantula, Milly the Millipede, Kellogg the Corn Snake and Turbo the Giant African Land Snail all came to say hello and we enjoyed holding some of them and being able to ask questions.  We also said hello again to Rob who began teaching us lessons in Paceball.  We will be playing Paceball over the next half term, which is great news as we loved the fast pace (what a coincidence) and the teamwork involved in the game.  In Science, we met more creatures as we learnt about the different stages in the lifecycle of a butterfly and welcomed our very own caterpillars into each class.  We will be observing these as they progress though the cycle and look forward to releasing them as butterflies in the future.  We read a little more of Explorer and explored (no pun intended) what we had found out about the characters.  Place value and reading and writing numbers up to 1 million was the focus of our Maths work; next week we will be ordering and rounding numbers. 

It was the first reward assemblies of the year this week.  Congratulations to Eva, Katie and Jasper who were awarded our Learning Champions and to Noah, Hannah, Ari, Shreyank, Jacob, Felix and Daniel who were our Rainforest Year Group Champions.

Friday 6th September 2019


Ta dah!  And we’re back!  Whether you were making memories or just relaxing in the sun, we hope you all had a wonderful.  We have made a good start back at Cottages.  It always takes a little while to settle into the new routines but the children have done well – not one lunchbox was left behind on the walk up to Main School!  On Tuesday, the children were introduced to our Rainforests Unwrapped topic with several activities which found them playing a quiz, tasting plantain chips, designing carnival masks and tasting some interesting variations on hot chocolate!  We’ve created sentences to describe the rainforests and used atlases to name the countries of South America.  We’re looking forward to meeting a few of the creatures that we might find in the rainforest next week and we’ll be starting our book, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  It should be fun!

Have a lovely weekend, rest up (those early morning starts are a bit of a shock to the system) and we’ll see you all on Monday.