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A special message from WBJS

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Year 5 2019-2020

Class 7's Weird Wednesday Video 6th May 2020

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From Monday 20th April, we will be using Class Dojo to set a daily maths and literacy task.  In addition, you will have one Science task and one Wider Curriculum task to complete each week. Log on to ClassDojo now for details. 

REMEMBER: if you are stuck, you need to message your teacher for help using ClassDojo.  Anyone struggling to get connected with ClassDojo should contact 

Science Lesson 1 Friction 27th April 2020 Part 1

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Science Lesson 1 Friction 27th April 2020 Part 2

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Have a listen to the first set of tasks for this week and then use the files and links below.
Excuse the grey towel - this was the 20th attempt at green-screening. I am apparently the same shade of grey as my face wiped out!

What is Friction?

Here are the links to some useful clips.

Start with this BBC Bitesize one...


Then take a look at this experiment to try...


... and if you're feeling fancy, you could try thinking of your own investigation into gravity, a little like Rapunzel here (I'd make a slide or create a surface and cover it with different materials and see how easily or quickly an object moves along it)...


Finally, here's a Youtube link to a song that's likely to stick in your head FOREVER!  You've been warned!





Can you decide whether friction is an advantage or disadvantage in each of these situations? Can you think of your own examples?


April 2020

Ta dah!  We have reached the final part of Street Child.  Mrs Cresswell reads the final pages of this wonderful book and we hear a little about who Jim Jarvis was.


Author's Note


Mrs Cresswell reads the final chapter of Street Child


Chapter 28: The End of the Story


Mrs Cox reads Chapter 27


Chapter 27: Barnie


Chapter 26 read by Mr Dudgeon; grab your teddy bear.


Chapter 26: Goodbye Bruvver


Tissues at the ready, Mr Dudgeon reads the next chapter of Street Child


Chapter 25: Ragged School


Mrs Cox reads the next chapter of Street Child


Chapter 24: Looking for a Doctor


Listen to Mrs Cresswell read the next chapter of Street Child


Chapter 23: Shrimps Again

Mr Willis has a challenge for you...

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Eggstra Easter Challenges! Something to keep you going over the Easter Holidays. Other than eating chocolate...


White Rose are releasing weekly lessons.            Click here for more puzzles                       Listen to David Walliams

Click on the logo, watch the video and then                    and games.                               reading one his stories each day

do the activity.  Simple!                                                                                                                      at 11am.

Email us with any feedback:





Year 5 Gallery

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Felix has been trying his hand at stop-motion animation.

Projector Project!

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Jack has made a phantom projector! The projector works like this: there is a battery connected to a button that, when pressed, lights up an LED which is in a secret part in the bottom of the projector. It also lights up a paper ghost!
Ongoing Support and Ideas for Home School

Things to Make You Smile

You may have checked out some of the other year group's pages and seen a link to the penguins at Edingburgh Zoo on Year 6's.  Here's a link to a Youtube video of penguins in Chicago Zoo making the most of not having visitors and exploring the aquarium for themselves... (click on Paul the Penguin).





We thought you might want to watch this programme all about a corner shop - the first episode is all about what shops were like during the Victorian era.  We wonder how different life was back then...




You may also want to check out some of these websites to help keep you active during your time at home:


- Joe Wicks has announced he will be running PE sessions on his YouTube channel during school closures for free  Highly recommended.


- Just Dance videos on YouTube provide a routines to learn with child friendly themes


- Cosmic Kids Yoga have excellent videos to follow suitable for the whole family for calm / kid friendly sessions and have been used at WBJS for the last couple of years to help support lessons


(Thanks Year 3 for these suggestions!)



If you'd like to have a look at the history of wallpaper (and who wouldn't?), there's some information on the V&A museum website.  There's a short video showing someone printing a William Morris design with wooden blocks.

Friday 13th March 2020

And so we come to the end of a busy Arts Week based on that famous Scottish play, Macbeth.  The children highly enjoyed the blood and guts and gore of the story - not a huge surprise!  We've painted an assortment of pieces, constructed crowns, written spells, planned and designed tartan patterns, danced, created music and splattered a fair bit of red paint and ink about Cottages!  We even had chance to Skype New Perspectives to chat about their Macbeth workshop, which we will be participating in on Monday- and we'll be the first to experience it!  We shall say no more of our work at present as we want to encourage you to find out more at our Art Exhibition on Wednesday.

Today is also Sports Relief and the children have been supporting the cause by running about the field today and well as bringing in donations to see poor Mr Willis in an Arsenal kit!  You can see how happy he is on our twitter feed!

Congratulations this week to our Stars of the Week who were Sathvika, Shreyank and Noah.

Have a good weekend, keep safe and hope to see you all next week.


Sunday 8th March 2020

What a beautiful day it's been for International Women's Day.  We're all busy preparing for next week's Arts Week and are looking forward to exploring one the works of Shakespeare, Macbeth; are we allowed to say that or should it be the Scottish play?  Too late now!

Amongst the usual run of lessons, we held our World Book Day activities on Thursday and it was lovely to see the different favourite books the children brought it to share.  We spent our morning reading a book without works so no vocabulary to investigate but we used lots of our VIPERS reading skills.  The book, Brave Molly by Brooke Boynton Hughes,  and it's theme of facing your fears was much enjoyed by us all.


Congratulations to Holly, William L, Louis, Marina, Tyler and Max who were our Historical Greats this week and to our Stars of the Week, Sammy, Josh and Alex.

Sunday 1st March 2020

Welcome back.  We hope you all had a lovely half term and that the storms didn't affect any plans you may have had.  A short and sweet message this week as I'm fighting off a cold - woe is me.  Class 8 will be walking down to West Bridgford Library tomorrow morning so please come along with your library cards so you can bring home a book with you; Class 7 and 9 have visits booked in a few weeks time.  It's been a good start to the term with work on fractions and biographies - thankfully not in the same lessons!  We have also started to look at the work of William Morris and will use his designs to inspire future pieces of art work.  There were French lessons, yoga stretches (yes - at Cottages!) and some Dragon's Den activity as the children learnt about Victorian inventions.


In case you were wondering, our bird feeder sale before half term was a big success - they sold out before I had chance to take any photos.  £48.65 was raised and will go towards improvements to Cottages garden.  There was also a Cottages cake sale this week, raising funds for Cancer Research. The sale made £80!  What a fabulous amount.


Congratulations to our Stars of the Week from before half term (!) Verity, Annabel and Ari and to this week's Historical Greats Charlie, Aaira, Joseph, Daniel, Steph and Raihan.

Sunday 2nd February 2020

Good afternoon, all.  What a busy week!  It started with Maths in the Real World (see pictures below) and we decided to get creative and think of how to improve Cottages' garden to make it more attractive to birds and wildlife - we do have a woodpecker who likes to visit and it may be nice for him to have company!  We spent the morning looking at catalogues and web pages to price up plants, bird feeders and planters and then put them onto plans of the garden.  In the afternoon, we planted lavender seeds and made bird feeders in the hope of selling these to raise funds towards the improvements.  Fingers crossed the plants will flower - they are little notorious for being stubborn germinators!  On Tuesday, the children were surprised to see they had gone back in time and their teachers had changed into strict Edwardian educators!  The children were seated, quite rightly, alphabetically and boys and girls separated - no mixed classes here.  After some Edwardian geography and history (learning a little about the king, George V), we had a session of handwriting, copying out a poem by Kipling, and followed this up with an invigorating drill session.  After a period of recreation, the boys were set the task of completing a technical drawing of either a fire engine, a steam locomotive or the magnificent Titanic - soon to set sail across the Atlantic.  The girls were instructed in creating an embroidered sampler to show off to any future house keepers they may have the fortune of working for.  There are a few photos below.

It was back to 2020 in the afternoon and we completed our History day by looking at old maps of West Bridgford and spotting features.  The rest of the week included work on finding the area of irregular shapes, reading more of Street Child, lacrosse, recorders, dance, Chinese and RE.  As we said, a busy week!


Congratulations to Archie, Ellie and Shreyank who were our Stars of the Week, and to Isla, Finley, Emma, Sam, Adam and Issy P who were this week's Year 5 award winners.

Edwardian Morning at Cottages: Experiencing School in 1920

Maths in the Real World: Improving the Garden at Cottages

Sunday 26th January 2020

We had a double hit of science lessons again.  Thinking about how the properties of different materials, we thought about why these were useful in the products they were made into. We also investigated the elasticity of a range of balls and tried to find the bounciest ball!  Maths lessons were focused on written methods of multiplication and we used the expanded column method.  We learnt more about Victorian society through our reading of Street Child.  After writing our own descriptions of the inside of a workhouse, we created a backstory for a character of our own.  What lies ahead for Jim Jarvis?  Along with Shona and Mike, we welcomed another visitor.  Polina came along to teach us the first of 3 lessons in Mandarin.  The children did so much better than the teachers in pronouncing the phrases!  We learnt a little about the history of the British Empire, linking both history and PSHE skills, and we continued with some samba drumming; another few weeks and we might even get an invite to Mardi Gras!  Well, with this grey weather we can dream!


Congratulations to Jude, Lawrence and William CE who were our Stars of the Week, and to Woody, Sathvika, Emmanuel, Matthew, Safiya and Ruby who were this week's Year 5 award winners.


Sunday 19th January 2020

It's been a week of negative numbers and Roman numerals in Maths.  We move onto written multiplication next week.  We've continued to read Street Child and have written descriptions of the exterior of the workhouse.  Science was all about irreversible changes and we set fire to sticks of dried spaghetti in order to relight a candle and made our bath bombs. We experimented with creating buildings and attempted to put roofs on them using Sketch Up in Computing and there were further lacrosse and dance lessons with Mike and Shona.  


Our year group awards went rewarded to Flo, Jasper, Lydia, Rowan, Amelia and Martha.  Sophie, Tyler and Freddie were recognised as this week's Stars of the Week.  Well done, everybody.


mixing plaster of Paris and water and blowing up balloons with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

Dissolving Class Made Bath Bombs

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Relighting a Candle Without Touching the Wick

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Sunday 12th January 2020

So we've made it through the first week and have managed to avoid writing 2019 by mistake in our books!  We started our Maths work with some time work, looking at timetables in particular.  In Literacy, we began reading Street Child and have been introduced to Jim who lives in Victorian London and has just found himself alone in the world and living in a workhouse.  We revisited our learning about filtering materials and cleaned more dirty water, but this time the resources at our disposal differed depending on the country we were assigned to.  Our new PE activities are Dance and Lacrosse and we have been joined by Shona and Mike who are delivering these lessons for us.  There were samba music lessons too and we even squeezed in a little sketching of Queen Victoria!  


The first Learning Champions of this year were William L, Emanuel and Louis and our new Historical Greats year group awards were received by Nidhi, Asha, Alex, Annabel, Sammy B and Alyshia; well done to all of you.


Friday 3rd January 2020

Goodness - it feels strange writing that date!  Happy New Year!  We hope you've all had the most wonderful of festive seasons, had fun with your friends and families and have had some time to relax too!  It seems an age ago now but here are just some of the photos from our final production of Mr Humbug Sees the Light.  You were amazing.

Enjoy the weekend and see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!

Sunday 8th December 2019

We're well into December now; those advent calendars are looking a little emptier and you may have been visited by an elf or two!  Apologies for not having updated this page last week and for the short note this week.  It's been rather full on with the Christmas Fair last week and the upcoming production this week.  We're very excited about Mr Humbug (and maybe a little nervous too) and are sure it's going to be a huge success! It's also our Christmas Movie Morning on Thursday, which will be a much deserved treat.  

Congratulations to our Learning Champions over the past two weeks who were Heidi, Oliver and Ben, Austin, Will H and William CE. 

See you all next week, superstars!


Sunday 24th November 2019

Happy Sunday.  Thankfully, it's been a little drier this week so we've been able to spend play times... outside!  There was even a lesson of Paceball!  It's been a week full of production practices and there's more to come as we head ever nearer to our performances.  This week, we also made decorations in readiness to furnish the hall.  There were reading activities, a study of play scripts and written division problems, including deciding when to round up or down if left with a remainder. 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week who were Eddie, Matthew and Safiya.  Our Year 5 weekly award winners were Isobel S, Brendan, Harry C, Martha T, Danny and Owen; well done to all of you.

Remember, this Monday we will be starting at Main School as we have an assembly for Careers Day.


Sunday 17th November 2019

We hope you've been able to dry off after a rather soggy week; we did wonder if those walks between sites would become swims but thankfully the rain seems to have eased and the waters have receded! In the midst of the chaotic weather, Year 5 have continued to work on their production and are at the point of 'staging' the scenes.  The props team are working away merrily like a little band of Christmas elves in the background.  We had a fun day on Tuesday as we experienced our first Science Day of the year.  Having been given some 'Amazon River' water, the children asked questions about it and many groups decided to investigate the best ways to clean it - there are photos on the Science Pages of website to enjoy! 

It has also been anti-bullying week in school and we've had lots of good discussions about this year's theme - 'Change Starts With Us'.  We had our second lesson of RSE and had the chance to ask any questions the videos may have raised.  On Friday, it was Children in Need day and there was a wonderful assortment of colourful hairstyles and pyjamas. in total, Year 5 raised a whopping £100 for the charity.  Thank you. laugh  It was hard to choose just one winner of the Pudsey colouring competition but we managed to whittle down the entries and Henry came out victorious with his #Children in Need t-shirt design for the iconic yellow bear.

More congratulations to our Stars of the Week, Cerys, Tom and Sammy, and to our year group Learning Champions Archie, Austin, George, Raihan, Oscar, Ruby and Arthur.  Well done to all of you.  See you tomorrow, all wrapped up warm!



Saturday 9th November 2019

Happy Saturday and happy new term!  It was lovely to meet so many parents this week at our parents' evenings - hopefully you've thawed out!  We've been impressed by the maturity shown by all of the children during our RSE lesson this week - there will be a follow up lesson in the next few weeks when we will go through any questions the children have raised.  In Literacy, we created a story map and a dictionary of words taken from the Explorer and in Maths, we explored (get it?) reading and interpreting line graphs.  Next week, we will be spending time rehearsing for the upcoming Christmas production as well as thinking about mental methods for multiplying and dividing, and some sentence work.  It's also our Science Day, Antibullying week and Children in Need - another quiet week then!

Congratulations to our Year 5 reward recipients: Lawrence, Will, Jack, Heidi, Kole, Joseph and Sammy.


Friday 1st November 2019


A quick note as we head towards the end of our half term break; have you enjoyed the extra week as much as we have?  For those of you who were celebrating Halloween, we hope you had a good time and haven't over indulged in treats!  If you're making your way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night events, please wrap up warm, keep safe and enjoy the fireworks!  We are back to school on Tuesday as Monday is INSET for teachers so it means an extra day of fun and rest (?!) for you.  We'll be starting our production rehearsals soon and enjoying all the festivities this half term brings.  Weather permitting, we will have hockey and paceball lessons outside so bring in suitable clothing.  A dry pair of socks is a very good idea to have in your bag too at this time of year, in case we get caught in the rain on our journeys to and from Main School.  Your parents' should have received their parents' evening times  for this week - please make sure they know Year 5 teachers will be at Cottages.  You should also have taken home a letter about our RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) lessons which start on Wednesday. Next week, we will be finishing off our lessons based on The Explorer and using addition and subtraction with statistics in Maths.  There will be a lesson comparing the forests of the UK with the rain forest too.  

Enjoy the weekend and see you on Tuesday.


Sunday 13th October 2019


Afternoon all!  What a soggy day - it's been raining cats and dogs out there (idiom!). 

In Maths, we have been measuring, estimating and drawing angles and doing a very good job of it too!  Next week, we are still looking at geometry but will focus on perimeter.  In Literacy, we've read more of The Explorer - it got pretty tense in some chapters this week - eek!  There has been a focus on figurative language to make our writing more interesting.  Whilst we will continue to read the book, we are coming to the end of our focussed work on the story and are going to finish with a character description to show off all the techniques we have learnt over the half term.  Our rain forest dioramas are almost finished too and we hope you will enjoy looking at these at parents' evening after half term.

Our Stars of the Week/Learning Champions were Ebony, Charlie W and Sam H and our Year Group awards were collected by Woody, Alexia, Clem, Jemima, Adam and Ben.  Well done, everyone.


Sunday 6th October 2019


Evening all!  Just a quick update whilst watching Strictly... who do you think will go this week?  We've been busy bees (or perhaps that should be busy butterflies) this week with writing a persuasive piece about which item to take on a raft journey along the Amazon, revisiting addition and subtraction techniques and learning about what the rain forest actually is.  We've begun to design our group dioramas which will show our understanding of the different layers.  In Science, we have set up several observations to see how plants are able to reproduce asexually; in a few weeks time, we're hoping to find some roots growing from our plantlets, cuttings and potato seeds.  There may even be some roots from our sweet potato cutting which we have immersed in water.  Keeping with the Science theme, our caterpillars all emerged from their pupae as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies and we were able to release them into the Cottages garden this week.  


Congratulations to our Learning Champions Milo, Rose and Arthur, and to our Rain Forest reward recipients Lawrence, Eleanor, Nidhi, Harry T, Raihan, Sophie and Jack.


See you all tomorrow!

Bye Bye Butterflies

Sunday 29th September 2019


Our blog is short and sweet today.  The term seems to be flying past!  Since our last blog, we have worked with decimal numbers and learnt how to order and place them on number lines.  We have continued to read The Explorer and have thought about the use of modal verbs and persuasive language – there’ll be more of this next week.  In Science, we have looked at the flowering parts of plants and have drawn some lovely botanical pictures; this week, we will be setting up some observations.  We’ve been learning more about the rainforests and have highlighted maps to show the amount of rainfall in those of South America.  Our School Council hustings were held on Monday and Verity, Harry and Isabel were elected – many congratulations to you and well done to all those who put themselves forward.

Congratulations also to Isla, Max, Aaira, Amelia, Emma and Isabel who have been our Learning Champions.  Freddie, Asha, Sathvika, Milo, Tyler, William, Flo, Alyshia and Verity were also among our Rainforest Year Group Champions.  Well done!

Paceball in the Sun

Sunday 15th September 2019


Our first full week back is done – boom!  On Tuesday, Brendan from Zoolab brought along a selection of friends to meet us.  Pogo the Tree Frog, Star the Tarantula, Milly the Millipede, Kellogg the Corn Snake and Turbo the Giant African Land Snail all came to say hello and we enjoyed holding some of them and being able to ask questions.  We also said hello again to Rob who began teaching us lessons in Paceball.  We will be playing Paceball over the next half term, which is great news as we loved the fast pace (what a coincidence) and the teamwork involved in the game.  In Science, we met more creatures as we learnt about the different stages in the lifecycle of a butterfly and welcomed our very own caterpillars into each class.  We will be observing these as they progress though the cycle and look forward to releasing them as butterflies in the future.  We read a little more of Explorer and explored (no pun intended) what we had found out about the characters.  Place value and reading and writing numbers up to 1 million was the focus of our Maths work; next week we will be ordering and rounding numbers. 

It was the first reward assemblies of the year this week.  Congratulations to Eva, Katie and Jasper who were awarded our Learning Champions and to Noah, Hannah, Ari, Shreyank, Jacob, Felix and Daniel who were our Rainforest Year Group Champions.

Friday 6th September 2019


Ta dah!  And we’re back!  Whether you were making memories or just relaxing in the sun, we hope you all had a wonderful.  We have made a good start back at Cottages.  It always takes a little while to settle into the new routines but the children have done well – not one lunchbox was left behind on the walk up to Main School!  On Tuesday, the children were introduced to our Rainforests Unwrapped topic with several activities which found them playing a quiz, tasting plantain chips, designing carnival masks and tasting some interesting variations on hot chocolate!  We’ve created sentences to describe the rainforests and used atlases to name the countries of South America.  We’re looking forward to meeting a few of the creatures that we might find in the rainforest next week and we’ll be starting our book, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  It should be fun!

Have a lovely weekend, rest up (those early morning starts are a bit of a shock to the system) and we’ll see you all on Monday.