West Bridgford Junior School


Year 6


Dear Parents and Carers,

Earlier today, we introduced the children to the focus for this year’s arts week – Pattern in our Community.  Following the success of last year’s art week, we are once again asking you to be involved.  We are delighted to be working with West Bridgford Infant School this year to create a community gallery with work from Foundation Stage to Year 6. We would like you all to help your child to take a photograph inspired by this year’s theme. 

Here are some possible ideas to inspire your search for Pattern in the Community:

  • Patterns in clothing from different cultures or religions
  • Patterns within nature
  • Patterns on or in buildings in our community

We would like you to choose a suitable subject to photograph and talk to your child about how best to do that (lighting, angle, focus, zoom, etc.).  These should be patterns you have found in the community and not ones you have created yourself. If there are people in any of the pictures, please ensure you have permission to use it within school and on display.

Below this text, there is a link for your child’s class to safely and securely upload the image your child takes.  Please ensure that the file name is the first and surname of your child. We will print these images at school.  The photographs will then be used as inspiration for various pieces of work produced during the week beginning 27th March.  We would therefore ask you to upload your photos NO LATER THAN midday on Monday 6th March to allow us to plan for an exciting week.

We hope that the images will be displayed alongside a selection of work at our community art exhibition – date and venue to be confirmed.

Many thanks for your support.  We are sure this will be an exciting project.

Mrs Cox and Mrs Arnold   


Year 6 Class 10 Photo Uploads for Art Week

Year 6 Class 11 Photo Uploads for Art Week

Year 6 Class 12 Photo Uploads for Art Week

Home Learning on 1st February 2023

1. MATHS - Position and Direction

Follow the link and complete lesson one (Describing coordinate positions on a grid) and lesson 2 (translating simple shapes)

2. READING - Read and complete the comprehension questions about the Polar Research Laboratory

3. SCIENCE - Follow the link and complete the lesson called WHAT IS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION?

4. GEOGRAPHY - complete the lesson called What is the TUNDRA?

If you are a keen geographer, you might wish to have a look at the two lessons before this one too!

Follow the link.

Sats Info for parents

Below is the powerpoint to accompany the Sats info meeting we held on Monday, 30th January.  Any queries, please contact class teachers through Dojo. 

Spring Term 2023

This term our topic is Frozen Planet. We launched the topic with a fantastic day where the children produced some beautiful polar landscape art work and trained like an Arctic explorer. 



If you love books and you want to get more involved in the running of our school library, please have a look at the job description here.  The deadline for applications is Tuesday 1st November.

Welcome Back to Year 6 2022-23

We have a terrific year ahead.


We communicate directly with parents and carers using Class Dojo, but occasionally duplicate the information for you here.


For anyone wishing to find out what activities and learning are planned for year 6, please go to the curriculum pages of the website and check out the Medium Term and Long Term plans.


Here are the history and science knowledge organisers for our current topics. They give you the key knowledge and facts that we will be learning about over the term.