West Bridgford Junior School


Year 6


FROZEN PLANET - Spring Term 2021


Latest information about learning in Year 6. 

Updated 20.1.21

Resources for learning week beginning 18th January are below.  Please upload your work onto Class Dojo and join the live teaching sessions to find out more information.

Resources for Week beginning 25.1.21
BLACKOUT POETRY - Monday 25th January
Personification - Tuesday 26th January
Writing and Performing your Poem - Wednesday 27th January
Monday 25th January - Problem Solving Day
Video Links 26.1.21 - 28.1.21
Tuesday 26th January, 2021
Wednesday 27th January, 2021
Thursday 28th January, 2021
Resources for Week beginning 18-1-21


Lesson 1 - Monday 18th January - join the 10.30 Teams meeting to find out more.

This little video might help you start to grasp the difference between the active and the passive voice. Click this link.

Lesson 2  - 19.1.21   10.30 Teams session 

Lesson 3  - Wednesday 18th January   10.30 Teams session 


Lesson 4 - Thursday, 21st January - Teams session at 10.30pm
Lesson 5 - Friday, 22nd January - Teams session at 10.30pm


Monday 18th January

Video Links: 19.1.21 - 22.1.21

Art - Thursday 21st January

The Peppered Moth art lesson

Topic - Wednesday 20th January

Welcome to Svalbard - persuasive poster

Welcome to Svalbard

PSHE - Tuesday 19th January
SCIENCE - Moth - Monday 18th January 
Resources for Week beginning 11-1-21


English Lessons for week beginning 11th January.

Friday 15th January.  WRITE a Polar Story

Join the teacher- led session on Friday to find out more.

Here are the resources for you to use at home.

Thursday 14th January.  Plan a Polar Story

Join the teacher- led session on Thursday to find out more.

Here are the resources for you to use at home.

Wednesday 13th January.  Character description

Join the teacher- led session on Wednesday to find out more.

Here are the resources for you to use at home.

Tuesday 12th January.  Select and describe details.

Join the teacher- led session on Tuesday to find out more.

Here are the resources for you to use at home.


Monday 11th January.  Collect vocabulary and descriptive ideas.

Join the teacher- led session on Monday to find out more.

Here are the resources for you to use at home.

Click on the images below for more ideas.


Maths lessons for week beginning 11th January 2021

Video links








ART - Thursday 14th January. Polar Landscapes


TOPIC - Wednesday 13th January.

The geography of the polar regions

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Resource 4

PSHE Tuesday 12th January.

SCIENCE - Monday 11th January.  Adaptation

Join the live session on TEAMS to find out more.

Resources for Week beginning 5-1-21

English Wednesday 6th Jan. Using the past tense.

English Thursday 7th Jan. Ice Trap comprehension questions
English Friday 8th Jan - Ice Trap Slow Write (using sentences we know to write a paragraph)

ART - The Polar Bear - 6.1.21

This afternoon, we would like you to learn how to draw a polar bear, which is one of the Arctic Circle's best known animals. Watch the online tutorial and follow the steps to draw one of your own.

Once you have completed your drawing, spend thirty minutes researching and just jotting down some notes about the polar bear, ready for tomorrow's lesson.



TOPIC - The Polar Bear Fact file - 7.1.21

Today, your task is to create a fact file for The Polar Bear! It is up to you how you present this. You might choose to use a Powerpoint, or submit this electronically or you can present it as a poster or leaflet on a piece of paper. We would like you to include; plenty of facts, pictures, captions, maps and you may need to use subheadings and bullet points to present your findings clearly. 

PSHE - Feelings, worries, fears and hopes. 5.1.21.

Follow the instructions on the powerpoint and upload onto Dojo.

English 5th January 2021.  Ice Trap Lesson 2.

Please follow the instructions on the powerpoint below and then submit your work on Class Dojo.

Lesson 2. 5.1.21

Science - 4.1.21. Inheritance

Powerpoint for lesson 1 is below