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Check back regularly to see what's new for Year 6.

We will try our best to keep this page updated, but please remember that the situation is changing constantly and updates may not always be possible. 



Dear Parents/Carers, we have been posting information on ClassDojo, throughout lockdown, but it seems that a couple of parents cannot access this information.  Here it is again just in case:





Here's some extra information about Hundertwasser. If you need coloured paper from school just let us know asap.




13.7.20 - 16.7.20 - Write your playscript. A scene per day.  

In each scene, Include a short scene setting to describe what the audience can see as the curtain goes up on each scene.  Start each new piece of dialogue with the character's name and a colon and enclose stage directions in brackets eg. 

Mrs Floss: Sit down now children.

(She waves her hands wildly as if swatting away flies whilst the children continue to shout and run around)


10.7.20 - You'll remember from the document below that there are going to be four scenes in the play, one for each Year Group.  Write a short paragraph detailing what you think might happen in each scene.  For example, Scene 1 is the first day in Year 3, so you could set it outside lining up first thing in the morning, or during a chaotic first register or perhaps during the first ever maths lesson on the first day.  We are NOT writing the script, just thinking about what might happen.  Will the teacher lose control?  Will the children end up under the tables? Will somebody's Mum burst into tears because their little cherub is going to big school?


8.7.20 - Mr Simmonds' latest crazy scheme is that we should write our own playscripts about life at school!

The document below gives you a little bit of background information.


The first job is to come up with some characters - probably a couple of teachers and a few pupils.  Write a short description of each character.  For example, you might invent someone called Mrs Floss who is tall and devastatingly beautiful.  She has such a commanding presence that, even though all the children adore her, they still find her a little bit frightening.  Or, you might invent a character who is a bit sneaky or another one who is a good two shoes.  Describe each one with a short paragraph.  Remember, an actor will have to play each part, so make them believable.






Open the two documents below. Read the lyrics of the song and then see if you can answer some of the questions in the presentation.


Imagine you are going to join a black lives matter protest.  You will need to take a poster with you.  Follow the link here for the instructions.  You can do some doodling to help you decide what type of lettering you might use and then create your poster.  It needs to be eye-catching and have a strong message.  What will it say?  What colours will you use?


Try looking at what other people have used as their slogans by following this link. 




Home learners, Mrs Lewis has devised this fantastic activity to help you look back over your journey through WBJS.  Open up the document and follow the instructions.  We expect that this job will take you a while - it certainly took us a while to do at school.  Perhaps you can get the design done today and then finish it over the next week.  Send us some pictures please.




Now open the pdf file below and complete as many insects as you like.  We used pencil first to get the shapes right, then went over the lines in handwriting pen and then later we are going to use watercolours to add colour.


The transition booklet that The West Bridgford School has emailed to the parents of all new pupils suggests that they should write a letter to their new tutor.


On Monday you can use the plan below to decide what you want to say to your new tutor and how to organise your thoughts. There is an example to give you some ideas.  On Tuesday, you can go ahead and write the letter.  

SCIENCE - w/c 29.6.20

FLIGHT 619. RESCUE. 26.6.20

Your very last diary entry.  Include all your thoughts and feelings.


“A ship is seen in the distance! You frantically build a smokey fire on the beach to attract attention.” 

“You see a helicopter pass overhead. The pilot acknowledges you, and you know, with relief that a rescue is imminent.” 

FLIGHT 619 - Write the script for the conversation in the cockpit. 25.6.20

Today we are going to think about a different plane crash.  On January 15, 2009, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed an Airbus A320-214 in New York’s freezing Hudson River following a bird strike that caused the loss of both engines. All 155 passengers and crew on board US Airways Flight 1549 survived.  The incident has been dubbed the “Miracle on the Hudson” and the story behind it is told in the movie Sully.  Actor Tom Hanks plays Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, an experienced pilot thrust into the limelight after gliding his disabled plane onto the freezing waters of the river shortly after takeoff. 


1. Watch the two video clips that show what happened in the cockpit.  Start the first one at 1:25 and then watch the second.


2. Jot down the kind of language they use in cockpit.  You can open the pdf file below and see what we collected in the classroom when we did it.

3. Rewrite the script.  Include stage directions telling the actors how to behave, the words of the Pilot and the person in Air Traffic Control and the noises from the aircraft itself.  You can use the example on the pdf file below if you like to get you started.


Resources for home learning

FIRST NEWS - latest edition

Monday's literacy task is to catch up on the news

FLIGHT 619 - Week commencing 22.6.20

+Tuesday 23.6.20. DIARY ENTRY. The cold has set in. You need to build a fire to keep you warm and you need to find a good supply of firewood to cook food and to warn off predators. 


+Wednesday 24.6.20. Click the link to watch the video. Then scroll down and have a look at the instructions.  Your task is to write your own careful instructions for lighting a fire.


Follow the instructions. What can you find out?

A special message from WBJS

Still image for this video


Art created on a wall at school today. 17.6.20


Numeracy Ninja

Don't forget that for regular mental maths practice you can access the Numeracy Ninja resources here.

Download the Skills booklets (We are on Week 5 doing it 5 times a week) 

Download the ppt underneath the Skills booklets, click on the appropriate session to find the answers and the timer. 

First News - 12-18th June

News comprehension task - 19.6.20.  Only print the pages you need.  The questions are repeated in different formats.

I HAVE A DREAM 18.6.20


Open the file below for the full instructions.


Read the story and see if you can answer the questions.


Read about Harriet Tubman and slavery in this extract from the book 'Harriet Tubman a journey to freedom'.   Then you can work through the powerpoint to see what questions you can answer.  Click on the links on the last page of the powerpoint to learn more about Harriet.


There are three levels of this reading activity.  Try the version with 3 stars.  There are 3 pages to read and 2 pages of questions to do.

PAPER FLIERS - 15.6.20


You might have seen something on the news recently about the death of George Floyd and the 'Black Lives Matter' protests in the US and in the UK.  At school, we have done lots of talking about it; we've watched some episodes of News Round and we are reading a selection of books that help us understand some of the issues. Watch News Round by following this link.

What are your views about these events? Do you think that the protests have any relevance for us? What do you think about the protests and the actions of the protesters?  Are there any circumstances in which it is acceptable to pull down statues?  Have you had any interesting conversations with your grown ups about these issues?  


Flight 619   -  w/b 14.6.20 - Diary entry and Monsoon weather report


Diary Entry - continue to write a diary entry for each day of your experience - remember: some days may be full of incident, others uneventful.  Your entry needs to reflect this; where not much happens, your well-being can be a focus


Monday - Monsoon - read the weather report -

Write a report of the monsoon hitting the island.  Add as much detail as possible, in the formal voice, with future weather conditions added as predictions within the piece.


Day 3.  You survived the night after the crash, but in the morning you were starving hungry and desperate for a drink.  You were forced to go through the strewn luggage for food and water.  Write the diary entry for this day.  Describe the weather, the strange noises in the trees, describe what's happening to your wounds and describe the feelings of hunger, thirst and discomfort that you have experienced.  Don't get carried away and tell any more of the story yet!



Day 2. Have a look at this newspaper report and remind yourself about the headline, the 5W paragraph and the tone of voice that you find in a news report.


Pretend to be a reporter and write the news article about the missing pilot and the missing plane!  You will need to include a quote from an eyewitness and you will need to speculate (make guesses) about what might have happened.  Don't forget to include lots of facts that you think people might want to know about.



Day 1. Imagine that you have crash-landed your aeroplane on a semi-tropical island. There are no other survivors (you were flying solo), and your seat belt has pinned you to your chair. You need to somehow cut yourself free.  What caused the crash?  What happened to the plane?  How did you feel? Did you cut yourself free, or did you escape in some other way? Were you injured? Did you manage to bandage yourself up?


Write the diary entry for the end of this dramatic day. 


HOW MUCH CARGO? Science 8.6.20

STOP PRESS - First News


Read news by opening the document below   

English 5.6.20

Dashes and Colons practice, after a few more semi-colons, you lucky people...Answers at the bottom.

Semi-colon, dash, colon practice

English 3 and 4.6.20


A variety of spelling activities to tackle over the next two days; any order will do.  See below.

ENGLISH 2.6.20

Semi-colons practice -  circles, then triangles, then diamonds.  Answers at the bottom.  Have a go at as much as you can.

Three semi-colon worksheets

English - 1-6-20

Some hyphens practice - two sheets of increasing difficulty.  Answers at the end.

Two hyphens practice sheets - triangles first, then diamonds, then answers.


Click on the clock to learn about the history of timekeeping and then read the instructions that are saved below.

The weather is changing so crack on with the sundial on Monday or Tuesday.

ART - 1.6.20

Keep an eye on the weather forecast.  The weather is changing.

Growing things from food scraps

Click on the picture for a useful link and then look at the document saved

underneath.  What can you grow this holiday?  Try taking pictures and

drawing diagrams every couple of days. Take careful note of any changes.


Name the British Garden Birds Quiz

Learn a Poem this holiday

Little Freak - Persuasive letter features

Below is the sample letter from which to highlight the key features.

Sample persuasive letter

Emotions Graph for Little Freak - Help!

On the horizontal x axis you need to write a list of what you think are the key moments in the film, for example the first shot of the poster, then the caravan in the rain and so on.  On the vertical Y axis it should be a scale of very negative to very positive feelings.  Then you need to mark how positive or negative you think each moment of the film is.  Finally, jot notes against each point to explain your decision.  Here's an example from an early riser in Class 11:

Science 18.5.20.  BUG HUNT

The full instructions and the links are on the instructions below.  We have put all the links here on this page too in case you find it easier.


FRENCH.  18.5.20

In preparation for doing your first french lessons at secondary school next year, put together a presentation about yourself in french.  It could be a short video, a fact file, a passport or a poster and should include pictures and full sentences in french wherever you can manage it. Include the town where you live, your brothers, sisters, mums and dads, your favourite colours, sports and animals, the things you like or dislike. Here are some resources to help you do that.

Maths Riddle of the Day 15.5.20

A man goes into a barber shop and gets a $15 haircut. He pays the barber with a $20 bill, but the barber doesn't have change because it is an especially slow day. The barber goes to the flower shop next to his own and trades the $20 bill for a $10 dollar bill and two $5 bills. Then he gives the man his $5 in change.


Later the lady from the flower shop confronts the barber and tells him that the $20 bill he gave her was counterfeit. The barber agrees and he gives the lady a different $20 bill. Later that day he tries to figure out how much money he lost. What did he lose?

Literacy 14.5.20


Little Freak Show not Tell -

Pause the film at 1.32 - write down a list of emotions to describe the boy's face at this point.  Next, think of some ways of describing such emotions without referring to the words themselves (e.g if you've written 'determined', don't use 'determined' in the descriptions). Finally, write a descriptive paragraph using this Show not Tell method - ask your parents or carers if they can work out which emotions you're trying to portray.

Literacy 13.5.20

As you may have seen on your class story, Mrs Spruyt shared details of a Mass Diary Archive -  the idea is to write a diary entry for yesterday, Tuesday, 12th May, and submit it following the instructions on the website  (link below).  This sounds a great idea, so hopefully you'll all give it a go.  Needless to say, we'd love you to upload onto Dojo too. Please make sure you follow the instructions and the Schools section of the page - there is a diary pack and template in that section.

We will return to Little Freak on Thursday.


Little Freak -  Literacy 11.5.20 and 12.5.20

VIPERS questions

The work on The Alchemist's Letter proved popular, so here is another award-winning short film to base a couple of weeks' work around.  On this occasion, follow the questions as you watch for the first time, rather than all the way through.  You'll find the link to the film and Vipers below.

Little Freak VIPERS


Fraction extension 3
Fraction extension 4
Answers - don't peek!
AFRAID and HAPPY by Class 11


Well done girls for raising so much money for the WWF after the Australian Wildfires.


Fraction Extension 6.5.20

Extension 1
Extension 2

Literacy 6.5.20 and 7.5.20


Using all the info you've collected, we'd like you to write a front page newspaper report for the day after VE Day.  A checklist is provided below to help you remember some of the key features.  Most importantly, you need to provide a sense of the joy the country must have been feeling that day. You have two days for this task, to allow for some planning time.

Newspaper report - checklist

Literacy 5.5.20

VE Day Postcard -  you are going to write a postcard from the VE day celebrations - follow the powerpoint for info before you write.  Make them look genuine and add a suitably informative picture on the reverse/ next page.

VE Day powerpoint


Download and print the puzzle. Cut out the triangles and rearrange them to make a single large equilateral triangle.  Match the equivalent fractions together.


Lockdown Sports

Hi all,

Below is a link to some lockdown football activities, plus a competition to design a Golf Course.

Have a look if you get the chance.

Mr S

VE DAY. 4.5.20

Here is your topic work for this week.  It's all about VE day. 

Literacy 4.5.20


Quick-fire Write - Click on the link for a short film on Home-schooling; answer the four questions, aiming for around 200 words in total.





Monkey peaches - fraction puzzles

Monkey peaches 1
Monkey peaches 2
Monkey peaches 3
Monkey peaches 4

SCIENCE. 4.5.20. Watching plants breathe.

You will see the instruction document saved below.  We have also included the links from the instructions here again to help you..


BBC Bitesize videos for revision.

Videos to help explain photosynthesis. Video 1 and  Video 2


From one of Nottingham's best known and most highly regarded personal trainers.

Watch the videos and download the workout plan here.

Video One

Still image for this video

Video 2

Still image for this video

Video 4

Still image for this video


Here's your topic lesson for the week.  It's another creative task.  Please load your work up onto ClassDojo when it's done.

Science.  27.4.20

Let’s investigate REFRACTION this week.  Here are the full instructions:

Here are three videos for you to watch.



EXTRA resources to help you understand refraction this week.

Literacy Task 1.5.20

Create a poster to advertise The Alchemist's Letter. Remember persuasive writing - include critics' quotes; use a powerful image; research some famous film posters for inspiration. 


Start by having a look at the collection of film posters here.

Literacy Task 30.4.20

Many filmmakers use storyboarding as a technique when planning an animation.  Re-watch the film, selecting what you consider to be the 6, or 8 most crucial points of the story.  Divide your page into that number of sections.  Sketch the image from the screen and write a few notes to show what is happening at that point. Don't overwrite, but make your summary clear.

Literacy Task 29.4.20

Imagine you are Veridion: how would you feel reading the letter, and how might you react once you've heard the whole story? Below is an example of a letter he may have written to his father.  Have a look and highlight any parts that you think are particularly well written. Once you've read it, have a go at your own.  Make sure you consider expressive language to reflect the emotions he would have experienced. Don't forget to add some of the advanced punctuation and sentence types we've covered.   Use the resources below to help you plan and write.

Literacy Task 28.4.20

The second part of the comprehension task.  Seems many of you are enjoying the film. PDF below.

Literacy Task 27.4.20

The Alchemist's Letter - we're going to work around this animation across this week; firstly, we recommend that you watch the film from start to finish, using the link below:

Then watch again, taking your guidance from the comprehension sheet.



Today's literacy task is about a poem called The Door by Miroslav Holub.  It's a really amazing poem, but you might not think so if you just read it.  So follow these two links to bring it alive.  We hope listening and watching will help you understand it a little more.  Open the pdf below for the full instructions for your tasks.


Performance one

Performance two.

Doors Activity 5



Doors Activities 3 & 4


Here are the instructions for today's literacy activity. It might be helpful to print it out if you can.


Try this!


This is a stinker.  You'll never get it!

Literacy 21.4.20.  Mayan Creation Story.


Try two of the answer sections. Either print and write on the sheets or read on the screen and write answers into your home learning book.

Upload your answers onto ClassDojo on the portfolio section.

Section A = circles

Section B = triangles

Section C = diamonds

Section D = Challenge

Mayan Creation story



First watch the video here.

Introductory video.MOV

Still image for this video

MAIN TASK – We would like you to create a Science Doodle (like a poster!) to explain what you know about electricity.  You might need to use several sheets of paper and stick them together or perhaps use the back of a large bit of spare wallpaper.  Use colourful pens, a ruler or something straight to help you draw the circuit diagrams.  Don’t forget to label any drawings and diagrams.  Here’s a list of things you should try to include, starting with the most important:


  1. Draw a variety of working circuits using the correct symbols.  Label each component.
  2. Explain what happens to a bulb if you add more cells (batteries). 
  3. In a circuit with a motor, explain what happens if I add another motor or maybe two more motors.
  4. Use or explain the vocabulary from the list below.
  5. Try and explain what electricity is?
  6. Can you explain how the light bulb works and who invented it?
  7. Anything else that interests you.

Here are some other resources that will help you remember what you learnt in Y4 and to find out some more information.  


How to make a burglar alarm.

BBC Bitesize

Online circuit builder  


Mayans 20.4.20

YOUR TASK - Design and draw a Mayan mask.

Check out these two powerpoints to find out more about Mayan Masks and then design your own using the template.  If you have time or resources, why not try and make it?



Hi everyone, I am Miss Aleksic. I know this is a very strange way to meet your new teacher, but I am hoping to send out a video soon once I’m all set up with ClassDojo. This is just a short introduction of myself, so you can learn a little bit about me and why I’m so excited to be your teacher and part of your school. I’ve been a teacher for five years and have worked in 4 different primary schools, with lots of different year groups. This is my first time teaching year 6 and I am really excited, even in this very strange time. 


My names comes from Serbia, I am half English, half Serbian and can speak both languages. I have lived in Nottingham for 7 years now, but I am originally from the south of England, a town called Harpenden. I am a HUGE Arsenal fan, which I know Mr. Willis is very happy about ;) and am really missing watching football at the moment. I lived and taught in London and my school was a 30 minute walk from the Emirates stadium! I love music, drama and try my best at singing and I can’t wait to get involved with all of the musical stuff you guys get up to in WBJS. I also love lots of different types of sport and PE is my favourite subject to teach. Reading is a passion of mine and I think it helps us learn in so many ways, even as an adult. 


I really am excited to get to know you all as best as I can do on Dojo and what you’ve been up to in year 6. I’m sure you’ve all worked so hard getting ready for SATs, and I know it must be so strange for you all now not having to sit them. 


Like I mentioned earlier I will be sending a video out next week and I can introduce myself properly on there, but for now here is a photo. This is a picture of me in the Phillipines :) (I love to travel). 


I will speak to you all soon, I hope you are looking after each other at home, staying safe and hopefully enjoying some of this lovely weather. 


Miss Aleksic

Miss Aleksic in the Phillipines



Add a Rock of Hope to the collection on Henry Road

Goodbye from Mr S

Still image for this video

Easter Holidays

Well it’s a bit weird, but we’re all on holiday now. Here’s Mr Summersby’s ‘bingo-style’ set of activities for you to tackle.  Updates to the website will still happen, but they might be less regular.   Please be kind and patient with each other while you are away from school.  We hope to hear lots of stories about how you have helped at home, whether you are just being super positive, helping with brothers and sisters,laying the table or just allowing parents a bit of quiet time to get some work done.

Mr Summersby's super dooper boredom busters

Camp Out for the NHS.  Saturday 4th April.

Set up camp in the back garden and raise some money for the NHS.  You can find all the details by googling Camp Out for the NHS.  It’s the idea of a man from West Bridgford and he has already raised over £20,000.

WBJS Daily Post.  Year 6 Pet Pics!

Here’s today’s ‘turtley’ fantastic update from our roving reporters:


Hugo, aged 10, said "Figaro is the best because he is very cute and he likes chasing leaves and grass . He likes 

to sleep at the day and hunt at night. If he meows and you go to him and stroke him he will bound to away and start meowing again."



Reuben Thomas, aged 11, states that ‘Squirtle’ should definitely be considered when searching for the Year 6 best pet. Reuben shared with me that  “He fits in perfectly with our family as he also loves football. Squirtle, like me and my brothers, can spend hours kicking a football around the garden.” Reuben went on to list his other amazing qualities. “He’s very energetic, good as digging and as soon as you walk in the room, he scuttles over to say hello.” However, Reuben did warn me that if I ever meet Squirtle, not to wear red socks or shoes; he will think it’s his favourite food (strawberries) and may bite!!

Squirtle the turtle

Still image for this video

How do Germs Spread?

Eeughh… click on the germ to see a video recommended by Isaac.

The man who made this video is doing a science lesson every day! Click here to see his first lesson.


Friday 3rd April. Early morning bulletin…

Mornin’ all!  Well there has been a sudden rush of emails for us to reply to: stories of heroic acts for Mr Willis; fascinating research about Arctic animals and microorganisms; pictures of sensational new haircuts; complaints about how boring it is at home and plenty more.  Keep them coming please!


Adventures in cooking.

Real life mug cakes... definitely delicious.  What else have you baked or cooked?

New feature... Year 6 Gallery

Send in your pictures for publication.

Clay monsters.

Today, at the back of Mrs Cox’s art cupboard, we found some clay…  Now, you probably don’t have clay, but you could draw a monster or two.  Click on the cartoons to find two tutorials.



WBJS Daily Post

Competition launched to find “Year 6 Best Pet”

Mrs Moss, 21, claims that her guinea pig Cookie deserves to win.  “She is just so friendly,” she told our reporter today.  Mrs Moss continued, “She squeaks hello to me every morning and she is, hands down, the cutest pet in West Bridgford.”  Another Year 6 disclosed a glimpse of his pet Jupiter which we hope to bring to you soon.  Year 6 students are all being urged to send in their pet pictures with a few sentences to explain why their pet is out of the ordinary.  


Mr B of Class 11 has a slice of bread going mouldy in the airing cupboard and another one going green in the cellar.  Has he gone mad?  Oh no.. he's finding out about mould - just one type of microorganism!  Search down the page for more information to help with your science home learning task.

Thursday 2nd April. Early morning bulletin…

Maths of the day.

How are you getting on with ISeeMaths?  It’s great fun, but requires a bit of thought and perseverance.  Try this week’s shape puzzles.   

We joined in with a live broadcast at 9.30 today.  If you have a look at the pages for 1st April, you’ll find our contributions!  Tune in on Friday at 9.30 to hear SF Said, the author of Varjak Paw.


Troll Hunting with

Which chapter have you reached?  Either start at the beginning or go to Chapter 2.  Today, as you follow the story, you have another four tasks to do: drawing, measuring, writing and more. Click on the troll to find the place to start.

Marble Runs

If you’ve got a marble, you can make a marble run.  We used cardboard tubes, pipe insulation, cardboard boxes and lots of sticky tape.  Here are some ideas for you:

Wednesday 1st April. Early morning bulletin…

Maths of the day.

Lesson 3 from Week 2 on White Rose.  You can do most of it even without a protractor.

Puzzle through a bit more ISeeMaths today. There’s something new every day, or go back to the beginning and work through it.  

It’s live and interactive, so you can upload your own ideas and share them with children all around the country.  We are going to give it a try in school today.    


Vocabulary Ninja - Unprecedented

Work on the word ‘unprecedented’ in the usual way.  You don’t need to print this page, just write in your home learning book. Try drawing the ninja.  Then to send your teacher a nice, newsy email using the word unprecedented correctly!

DT Challenge – build a tower.

You are challenged to build a freestanding tower using only 10 sheets of paper and 50cm of tape and it needs to be strong enough to support a book.  Send in your pictures!


The impact on the environment.

No flights, no factories and no traffic! Thomas sent in this video so we can see what’s happening to the environment because of coronavirus.


Still image for this video

Tuesday 31st March. Early morning bulletin…

Is there anybody out there?  Are you checking the website regularly?  Have you done all the activities we have suggested?


How soap kills the coronavirus.


Maths of the day.

Lesson 2 from Week 2 on White Rose.  Click on the link at the top.

Mrs Moss has been doing the first session from ISeeMaths at home today.  She says it was fab and you should really give it a go! If you have a Year 3 or 4 brother or sister, you could be the teacher and help them with some maths from the Y3/4 section.

This site does a live broadcast at 9.30am every day during the week, or you can find the broadcasts from previous days. Lots of great, short literacy based activities to do.

First News – here’s the news for you!

Good reads

If you are looking for something new to read, we highly recommend the two books below.  Keep reading. There’s no excuse!  Please let us have your recommendations, so we can share them with everyone else on the website.



Monday 30th March. Early morning bulletin…

Good morning Year 6.  Have you had a good weekend?  A busy week ahead, so get yourself moving with Joe before cracking on with today's jobs.


Maths of the day.

Time for a lesson from White Rose lesson 1 for Week 2.

Click on the link at the top of the page.


Story writing.

Mr Willis has set you all a challenge to write a story and we are looking forward to reading them all.  If you haven’t started yet, have a look at our story planner and story openers.  What heroic act will you focus on? Send your finished stories to

Mr Willis has a challenge for you...

Still image for this video

Story writing resources


Anyone been troll hunting this weekend?  Send us your maps and castles to or directly to your class teacher's email address.  You can carry on the adventure by clicking on the link at the top of the page.  


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

We read the first few pages of this book in our reading lessons.  You can listen to Neil read the rest of Chapter one on YouTube here.  More chapters are also on YouTube.  Check you have permission to use YouTube first.


Have a look at Reach Out Reporter for the latest science news.



Something to do this weekend ...

Parents, here's an adventure for you to go on with your family.

Follow the link and open the PowerPoint for Chapter 1.  At each step of the way there is an activity to share and all you need is imagination, paper and pencils.  


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living." ― Dr. Seuss



Children in school this week have already set out on the adventure! We'll share some photos soon and we hope you will send us some from home.

Friday 27th March 2020.  News just in...

Thomas and Gabe say that the International Space Station is going overhead tonight at about 8.40. Look out for the bright light moving across the sky.

Marvellous Mug Cakes

Here, at last, is the evidence of the mug cake baking at school. 

A little bird told us that someone at home had an exploding mug... ooops!





Friday 27th March. Early morning bulletin…

Get moving with Joe at 9am and then spend some time with one of our online learning links at the top of the page.


Mr Summersby and Mrs Parnell are in today, with the following plan:


Joe Wicks

Online Maths and English


Maths - fractions of amounts and Problem of the Day


Cooking - cakes in a mug





Hope everyone is ok and families are staying safe and well. 


More news and pics later...


Maths of the day.

Your last White Rose lesson of the week.

Or try looking at ISeeMaths.

Have you finished your CGP Homework book?

The Mayans. 

To get you started with your research about the Mayans, there are some pages from a book below.  

What else can you find out about the Mayans?  How will you present it?  A newspaper report?  A tourism leaflet? A PowerPoint? A map? A piece of art?

The Mayans. True or False? The Mayans thought you were more beautiful if you had crossed eyes and a big nose?

A free resource from

Science. Microorganisms.

In your home learning books, we asked you to find out about microorganisms. 

Click the pictures for two interesting videos.  




You can try the experiment at home if a grown up agrees to help (ask them at a quiet moment - not when they are working)

You can use sealed plastic bags if you want.  Seal them up tightly and throw them away without opening once you’ve finished. 

The Bacteria Book by Steve Mould


Find out more about zentangles by clicking on the picture.


26.3.20  News just in...

Libbie cooks delicious vegan banana cake               Pupils at school start a rainbow mural.  (Please do yours on paper.

with the manky bananas no one wanted!                    These children have special permission!)




26.3.20. Early morning bulletin…

Joe Wicks at 9.

Get those trainers on ready.  What about that Spiderman Lunge yesterday?!


Maths of the day.

Crack on with some learning about ratios and scale factors with White Rose Maths today.  We’ve tackled this in school, so it should all be fine. You have 5 lessons to try this week.


A New Way to Travel – newspaper report.  text

You’ve written newspaper reports in school recently, so this should be very manageable.  Class 11 wrote this news report when traffic ground to a halt on the ringroad.  It should help you remember what to aim for.  


The Junior School Times - "Cartastrophe" for Clare

More ways to travel. 

When you have written your newspaper report, have a look at these two links!  Try designing and labelling an amazing new vehicle yourself.  What is it called? Why do we need it?


PS.  Obviously, in real life you will wear your seat belt!

Mug cakes 


Mrs Parnell is cooking up a storm in school today with mug cakes.  She has shared the recipe here.  Perhaps she will share some photos later.

25.3.20.  Late bulletin...

Just in... a fine piece of geography work from Mr Rydel about Walruses aka Tusked Sea Doggos


Mrs Parnell ordered some acrylic paints from the internet, so in school, they have been painting stones.

Story Time with David Walliams at 11am.


Going Bananas?


Have you got any brown bananas in the fruit bowl?  I'm going to try Mary Berry's Banana Bread today.

I'll let you know how it turns out!  Click on Mary's face to find the recipe.  Mrs Moss


Well I forgot to add the eggs, so I had to pull it out of the oven and mix them in. 

Fortunately, it still worked out well in the end.  Delicious!



25.3.20.  Early morning bulletin...

Morning all, Have some breakfast and get your kit on ready to workout with Joe at 9am.



Hi there,  Mrs Moss here!

I've just done PE with Joe Wicks.

Exhausted now!  I think it's designed for you folk with lots of energy.  My favourite exercise was the kangaroo bounces and my least favourite was the kneel down, stand up ones.


Mr Simmonds is busy at school with those people whose parents are keyworkers.  He's given me the plan for today and you can certainly join in with a lot of it:

  • PE workout with Joe
  • ICT maths games.
  • Some persuasive writing.  They are writing a leaflet to persuade people to buy the Zepper 2016. *
  • Cricket on the playground.  (Folk at home, can you get out in the garden for some fresh air?)


What are you doing today?  If it's something to share with everyone else, why not get a grown up to email me a photo or just a note to let us know what you are up to.  It would be good to stay in touch.

* Here are some reminders about what to include in a persuasive text.

Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo.

Have you seen the webcam images of the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo?  Here's the link.

Click on the penguin to find a video showing you how to draw a realistic emperor penguin? 

Maths of the Day



Good morning Year 6.

Are you all out of bed yet? No??!!! Jump up and get ready for action.

So at school, we have started in the ICT suite.  We are using Prodigy and TT Rockstars to get our brains going.  We suggest you could do the same.  It would be amazing if we all used this time to improve our timestables.


Here's the plan for today in school.  Can you do it with us?


  • Maths and spelling online. How are you enjoying Numbots?
  • PE with Joe Wicks.  You can find his videos on YouTube. 
  • Break time.
  • DT. Draw the diagram of our balloon powered cars and evaluate your work.  It's in your home learning books.
  • Maths.  A little bit of rounding today. 
  • Lunchtime.  What's in your sandwiches today?
  • Art.  Draw along time.  Check out this link.
  • Story time.  We haven't chosen a book yet.  We'll reveal that later.
  • Daily journals.


Maths of the Day



Hello Year 6.  We are missing you already!


Remember, you have lots to be getting on with at home.  You have all got your home learning books and we plan to put more activities on this page over the next two weeks.


Stay safe and look after your families.