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Year 6




The time has come! Production is rapidly approaching and the hard work is beginning. With the show only a few weeks away, it's time to get learning your lines and the accompanying songs to our wonderful production, Shakespeare Rocks! Below you will find the lyrics and tracks to help you master your vocal and rapping skills!

Will's Wonderful Words

No Girls Allowed

Show in the Globe

Don't Mention Mac

Romeos and Juliets

All the World's a Stage

To Be or Not to Be


Friday, 17th May


Firstly, we must congratulate the children on their commitment and enthusiasm, not just this week, but throughout the entire Sats process.  It can be feel a slog at times, but the experience has been a positive, dare we say enjoyable one overall. Thank you for all your support and you can be justly proud of your children. We can now focus on the final 8 weeks of your child's tenure here. 

Next week sees our annual sojourn to Cottages.  Below is a timetable of start and finish times.  May we remind you that the children will need to be at Main School by 8.30 on Tuesday, armed with packed lunch, water bottle and a raincoat.  School Uniform must be worn as usual. 


Monday: start Cottages, finish Main school.


Tuesday: start and finish Main school


Wednesday: start Main school, finish Cottages. 


Thursday: start and finish Cottages.


Friday: start Cottages, finish Main school. 


Enjoy your weekends. 


Year 6 Team



Was it really the end of January that we had our SATs evening? It seems like only a few weeks ago, but the tests are finally upon us. 


Below is a copy of the exam timetable. You should find it quite straightforward. There are no specific timings as we can take the tests at any time during the morning




Monday 13th May 2019

Grammar (45 minutes)

Spelling test (approximately 20 minutes)

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Reading (1 hour)

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Maths – Arithmetic (30 minutes)

Maths – Reasoning (40 minutes)

Thursday 16th May 2019

Maths – Reasoning (40 minutes)


There is plenty of other time during the week where there are no tests. This time will be used for PE, art, team-building games and other activities to relax the children. Some of the time will be given over to chunks of maths revision so that the children are as confident as they can be once they're sitting those tests on Wednesday and Thursday. 


Friday afternoon is traditionally a celebration of all of the children's hard work. We are proposing (weather willing) a 'Picnic in the Park'. The forecast at the moment is alright, although it changes almost hourly; we have contingencies in place should we decide to do something else. If for now you can forgive us the lack of detail, we will let you know for sure early next week. 


We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank the children for their unrelenting commitment to the revision process. They could not have worked harder and have been exemplary in their conduct. We would also like to thank you for your support of the children and us; I’m sure there are very few people that agree entirely with the Department for Education’s current bent and we appreciate your understanding of the difficult position in which we find ourselves.


All that is left to say is that the children need to be kept in their usual wholesome routine of lots of sleep and being well-fed. Please don’t feel you have to do any extra work and just make sure they’re as happy as they can be. Should any of the children develop last minute jitters, please let us know and we’ll put it right (we’re very grateful to those of you that have already done so – it really helps).




The Year 6 Team


HOMEWORK - Friday 3rd May

Maths - pages 78 and 79

English - Test A

If your child has lost or cannot remember their password, do email me ( and I'll do my best to reply promptly. 


HOMEWORK - Friday 26th April

Maths - pages 76 and 77

English - 56, 57, 58 and 59



We have provided the children with a variety of homework options for the Easter fortnight:

  • Arithmetic paper: the children may wish to dip in and out of this. There's no need to do it all in one sitting, nor is there a need to complete every question; better to focus on what is challenging rather then the things that can be done easily.
  • Reasoning paper: again, this is something from which questions can be selected rather than done all in one sitting. If the children were to work on anything, for us it would be this.
  • this is an online system we use to set grammar tests. The children have all been given a username and password and they tested them this afternoon (all worked). Any problems over the holiday email and I may be able to help (or leave it until we return).


It's important to say hear that you may work the children as much or as little as you like. They are working brilliantly at school and making fantastic progress. We will leave their holiday revision programme to you.



This message only applies to the parents that have received a text (Class 12 and half of Class 11)

We have split the year group to take part in activities at West Bridgford Methodist Church tomorrow; half in the morning and half in the afternoon. The children going in the afternoon will be be slightly late back to school (3.30pm). 


If your child lives on any of the streets that our part of our route (see map below), Mrs Cresswell is happy to drop them off as they pass. If you're child is not on our route, they will be back at school for 3.30 and will be dismissed from there as usual.


Please email if your child can be dropped off, or send in note in tomorrow for Mrs Cresswell.


HOMEWORK - Friday 22nd March 2019

Maths - pages 68 and 69 (translation and reflection)

English - pages 35, 36 and 37 (mixed practice)



This week's spellings are words with the suffix -ment. They are on Spelling Shed, so if you wish to start practising, you may.

We will choose 10 of these for the test on Friday 29th March.

movement  impediment 
payment embarrassment (from a Year 5 and 6 word)
encouragement entertainment
retirement reinforcement 
assessment bewilderment
assortment management
amusement fulfilment
appointment agreement
equipment (Year 5 and 6 word) argument
accompaniment (from a Year 5 and 6 word environment (Year 5 and 6 word)

SATs Practice

We are doing another full set of tests next week to see how the children have progressed. We've told the children and we are, as ever, keeping it quite low key.



MATHS - pages 34 and 35 (percentages of amounts)

ENGLISH - pages 4 and 5 (pronouns)



Mr Summersby has set all of the classes a Year 5/6 spelling activity on Spelling Shed as well as the various patterns we have looked at since September. We are encouraging the children to go on as much as possible so that they feel prepared for the spelling test next week.


HOMEWORK - Friday 15th February 

Maths - pages 70 and 71 (pie charts); pages 74 and 75 (the mean)

English - pages 18, 19, 20 and 21 (mixed practice)



All classes can continue to work on the Year 5 and 6 Statutory word list. This can be found in the Keep Calm It's Only SATs booklet or further down this page along with a list of activities might like to try when learning them.


HOMEWORK Friday 1st February

English - pages 70 & 71 (confusing words)

Maths - pages 38 & 39 (ratio - unequal sharing)



  • disappointed
  • dissatisfied
  • dissimilar
  • unsure
  • unnecessary
  • unnatural
  • overseas
  • overrule
  • overreact
  • impatient


HOMEWORK Friday 1st February

English - pages 54 and 55 (semicolon)

Maths - page 50 (area of a triangle: remember base x height and then halve it)



  • illegal
  • inadequate
  • irrelevant
  • illegible
  • impossible
  • irresponsible 
  • inaccessible
  • impatient
  • imperfect
  • irregular



HOMEWORK Friday 25th January 

English - pages 52 and 53 (colons)

Maths - pages 28 and 29 (fractions decimals and percentages)



There's a little change to the spelling routine this week. We're continuing our focus on homophones. Briefly, these are words that sound the same (or similar) when spoken but are often spelled differently and have different meanings. For more detail, do mine the internet.

Below, we have provided a list of 30 words, all homophones. Children always find these tricky because of the need to connect the correct word to the context in which it is being used. For example, who's / whose jumper is this? 

From the list, we're asking the children to practise the ones that they find most challenging. We'll be doing lots of work on this in school as well. We won't be testing all of the spellings on Friday, but would like the children to be as ready as possible for whatever words we do choose.


grate piece compliment
great peace complement
weight whether dissent
wait weather descent
here aloud precede
hear allowed proceed
missed past heard
mist passed herd
through who's led
threw whose lead


Homework - January 11th

Maths - pg 14

Literacy - pg 14/15


Spellings - ( -cial and -tial endings):

official, confidential, essential, artificial, substantial, special, social, financial, torrential, initial



National Holocaust Centre - Monday 17th December


This coming Monday, we will be off the the National Holocaust Centre as part of our World War II topic. Usual school start and finish times will apply. Please make sure children are on time as we will be leaving at 9:00am and should return in time for 3:15pm. If we do happen to be late, a text message will be sent out to inform everyone. All children will need packed lunches (disposable if possible to minimise mess) and should wear normal school uniform.


Parent helpers - please feel free to meet at school if you would like to share lifts. Otherwise, aim to arrive at the centre at 10:00am. Thank you again for your support. We greatly appreciate it. 

HOMEWORK - Friday 7th December 2018

Maths - pages 22 and 23

English - pages 24, 25,26 and 27



We've been stressing the importance of continuing to learn the Year 5 and 6 spelling list to the children and will do the same for parents here. We can really see the difference it's making. The list and ideas for games/activities are still at the top of this page if you need them. 


HOMEWORK - Friday 30th November 2018

Maths - pages 20 and 21

English - pages 73, 74 and 75


HOMEWORK - Friday 23rd November 2018

Maths - pages 18 and 19

English - pages 68 and 69



We're continuing our focus on the Year 5 and 6 Statutory Words; we can see that a lot of the children are really working hard on the spellings with which they struggle. Keep going folks!


HOMEWORK - Friday 16th November 2018

Maths - pages 16 and 17

English - pages 66 and 67



The children have clearly been very hard on their statutory spellings. Please keep them going with this - it will help them massively as make the transition to the next phase of their education.

The list of the words is still above and lots of strategies and games you can play at home.


Huge thanks to the folks in Class 10 for sorting the cake sale; compassion and organisational skills working in synchronicity.

HOMEWORK - Friday 9th November 2018


The children are going to continue working through their Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spellings. The full list of words is on the document above and the children should've brought a list home before PGL week. 

We're asking the children to choose 10 to 15 spellings a week on which they can work. The order doesn't matter. It makes sense, however, that they focus on the spellings they find most challenging. We will test ten spellings each week, but this is a far less formal process than it sounds because all of the children will be working on different words. It's about highlighting the spellings on which the children need to concentrate.

Spelling Shed also has the Year 5 and 6 word list and the children will be able to practise as much as they like.

MATHS - page 11

ENGLISH - pages 8, 9 and 10

Homework 19/10/18

This week we have only set the children some spelling homework to keep them busy over half term.

Each child has been given a list of Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum Statutory Spellings - all very official. We asked them to choose between 15 and 20 spellings that they knew would need learning. Obviously many of the children would have chosen more if they could, but they need to work in more manageable chunks.

Spelling Shed has some games linked to the statutory spellings and attached is a document with a list of ideas to support the children in their learning.

After half term, these spellings will become focus the of our Friday spelling tests and dictations.


PGL - final reminders

We've covered a lot of this with the children today, so hopefully they're feeling quite well informed.

  • The children will need to arrive at school for the usual time
  • They will not need to be in uniform, just sensible PGL activity clothes
  • Medicines and money (£5) will be kept in the children's bags until their group leaders collect them after registration 
  • The Year 6 team will be available to receive any more complex medicine instructions if you feel it's required
  • Suitcases and bags will be placed in the children's class rooms
  • A kit list is attached to the top of this page; Mr Simmonds text a link to its location a few weeks ago, but some of the children have been asking; it's likely you've already seen it
  • Please pay attention to what the children are not allowed to bring, particularly the aerosols - the fire alarms are extremely sensitive
  • If you have a dinner booked for Monday, the children will be able to have that, otherwise they will need a packed lunch
  • We will start leaving school from about 1.00pm to set off from Burleigh Road at 1.15pm; do feel free to come and wave us off
  • Hopefully, that's everything...



Homework 12/10/18

Maths - pages 24 and 25

English - pages 41, 42 and 43


SPELLING - to be tested on Friday 19th October 













Homework 5/10/18

Maths - page 10 (long multiplication)


English - pages 44 and 45 (inverted commas)

SPELLINGS - to be tested on Friday 12th October 




Homework 28/9/18

Maths - page 12 (mental calculations)

English - pages 46, 47, 48 and 49 (commas)


SPELLINGS - to be tested on Friday 5th October










Homework 14/9/18

Maths - pages and 6 and 7 (all questions)


English - pages 62 and 63 (prefixes)


Spellings - to be tested on 21/9/18













Homework - 7/9/18

Maths - pages 2 to 5, questions 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 13, 15 and 16. These are the questions on which we have asked the children to focus. If you would like them to have a go at the others, that's fine by us.


English - pages 60 and 61 (plurals)


Spelling - this will start next week

Message to parents / carers - HOMEWORK

Your child should now be in possession of their two brand new homework books. We will use these for the rest of the year. 

Homework will be set every Friday and the details will always be communicated with the children. We will also update this page to reflect what they have been asked to do. The questions that the children complete will be marked with them during Friday's lessons. 

We have made several important points to the children today:

  • Homework should not be a battle or a stresser. It is the expectation that the children attempt all of the homework we set and they should do so when requested by people at home. If the children are making the homework process more challenging than it should be, we're happy to support you in any way we can - please come and talk to us.
  • We will only set tasks that the children have covered that week. However, we appreciate that they may still struggle occasionally. The homework is not designed to be a test. Feel free to help them or send them to us with the homework book and we will explain; they should never be upset because they are unable to complete a task - it is simply not that important. 
  • The answers are in the back of the books! Use these to help you and the children to complete any questions that are giving you trouble. You can either cut them out of the book and keep themk or leave them in. Last year, a lot of the children left them in and it worked well.


Please get in touch with any questions - we're happy to support however we can.