West Bridgford Junior School


Year 6

Home Learning Week beginning 19th July! 

Hi home learners, can't believe we are almost done for the year and I am so sorry if you are still poorly or are having to isolate! I promise the work we set you this week will be light and hopefully fun for you. At school we are looking back at our time at WBJS and thinking of ways that we can remember all the amazing memories you have made.  

English - 19th July, 2021

This morning we are all going to be writing some of our favourite memories at WBJS! Have a go at thinking of memories that stand out to you and share them on your portfolio. You could try to think of one from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. Or you may have 3 memories from year 6 and 1 or from Year 3 or 4. We would like you to present some of your favourite memories to us, no less than 3 and no more than 6. You can do this any way you like, in a power point, on paper, you could draw, paint, film yourself. Just get creative :) Think about trips, productions, topics you've liked, projects you've liked and get going. We look forward to reading/seeing them. 

English 20th July

Today the children in school are writing a letter to their new tutors in secondary school. Have a go at introducing yourself to your new tutor, what do you think they would like to know? What are your hobbies? What are you looking forward to? Is there anything you are a little bit anxious about? You can take this with you on your first day at secondary school. So make it fantastic!


Have a go at some ninja maths this week! Give yourself 5 minutes to complete as many questions as you can!

Art (complete at some point this week)



Time to reflect! (complete at your own pace this week)

Some fun activities for you to complete


In school the children are designing their own fairground ride and are then having a go at making them! Could you design a ride and see if you can make something at home with any resources you can find. There is a design template and a powerpoint to have a look at. Get creative!

Home Learning Week beginning Monday 12th July 2021

Hello Home Learners,

We are very sad you are not with us in school this week, but you'll be back soon.  Stay positive and do a bit each day to keep your brains active.


Everyone in Y6 seems to be at different stages with our various projects, so you will need to use your common sense and check to see which bits of work are appropriate for you.


Class 10.  Everyone who went to PGL will need to go back to the very beginning for maths and literacy.  Try Barvember Day 1 or the first ISeeMaths lesson.  Then try Refugees Part 1 and work through them day by day.


Class 12.  You will need to go back to the beginning for maths, but because you were in school last week, you can start with Refugees Part 5 for English.


Submit all your work via ClassDojo in the usual fashion.


These tasks are ongoing and you can choose one per day to have a look at.


The first is on a website called Go to the homelearning section for Years 5-6 and work through them. There is a video to watch and a task to do afterwards.  I really enjoyed doing these during the first lockdown.


Secondly, I'm attaching some Barvember problem solving.  The point is to use a bar model to solve them! You can choose from easy to difficult tasks.  Bar models are fantastic for problem solving.... you'll never look back!


In our last few English lessons of Year 6, we have been working on a series of lessons about Refugees. 

Start at Part 1 and work your way through.

Refugees Part 7 - Write a persuasive letter

Refugees Part 6 - Plan a persuasive letter

Refugees Part 5 - Adapt a letter

Refugees Part 4. - Features of a Persuasive Letter


Refugees Part 3.

We've read the book 'The Day the War Came' in class.  It was written by Nicola Davies when she heard that the UK government refused to allow unaccompanied children into the country to live safely. You can read it again here


Think about this question:

'Should we allow more unaccompanied refugee children into this country?'


Drawing on the list of resources below, come up with two lists.  One should be full of reasons why NO we should not allow more unaccompanied refugee children into the country.  The other should be a list of reasons for YES we should.

Bring your lists into school when you come back.

  • The Day the War Came
  • Refugees by Brian Bilston
  • Your own internet research.
  • The newspaper headlines in the document below.



Refugees Part 2.

Carry out some research about child refugees using the internet.

  • Where do they come from?
  • How many arrive in Britain and the rest of Europe?
  • What dangers do they face?
  • Make some notes that you can bring into school when you return.

Try this video.



Refugees Part 1

In school we are looking at this poem this week called Refugees by Brian Bilston.

Read it aloud, several times.  See if you can work out what it means.

Then read it in the other direction, starting at the bottom and reading upwards.  Now what is the message?

Task one.  Read it to a grown up, share what you think it means read in both directions.

Task two. Perform it aloud and record yourself as a video on Dojo for your class teacher.  Aim to express the meaning in the manner that you read it.


GEOGRAPHY for week beginning 12th July

Work through the videos

ART for week beginning 12th July

INSECTS - Print out one or two of these pictures and add the other half.  Can you make it a complete mirror image?

SCIENCE for week beginning 12th July

ART - #3000chairs

Follow the instructions on the pdf file.

Thursday 1st July, 2021


W/B 21-6-21


Hi Class 10, 


Here we go again!  Next week, we have assessments, as they were pencilled in for the week beginning July 5th, but we're scheduled to be a little busy then.  


As a result, we're going to do a little revision from home.  I'll explain more in the morning. 


A few things to think about for the week:  we're going to provide a selection of afternoon activities, from which you can choose what suits.  One such task will be to make a dish from your Euro 2020 country.  If this interests you, then maybe talk it through with your parents/carers sooner rather than later. 


I'm also putting up some white rose maths: The Bakery.  It's an ongoing project that you can chip away at over the week. Do the work in order, though: it makes more sense that way.  


See you at 10am tomorrow. 

Friday, 25th June


English -  2018 Spag test


Maths - The Bakery - part 2  -  three sections; do as much as you feel comfortable with - powerpoint further down the page under Monday heading



1)  learning lines

2) We also need to make some stage backdrops for when we perform.  We'd like you to inspire us by trying out some designs.  What's the Crime, Mr Wolf. 

Consider the setting of the play - a courtroom, mostly, but filled largely with woodland animals.  Make it quirky, essentially. 

Thursday, 24th June


English - The Alchemist's Letter Storyboard

Split your paper into 8 equal sections - watch film again and choose 8 key moments
Create a storyboard comprising a picture and short caption - like a cartoon strip only more serious!


Maths - 2018 Paper 3 Reasoning 2 


Production - 10am read through 

Wednesday,23rd June


English  - The Alchemist's Letter

Vipers - follow the instructions to pause at the right moments

Maths - 2018 Paper 1 - Arithmetic

Tuesday, 22nd June



Maths - Go to the sats paper link and choose 2018 Maths Paper 2, which is the first reasoning paper.  KS2, remember - menu at the top if the link goes straight to KS1! 


English - Either The Cave (resources below) or some of the reading paper, whichever you still need to do. 


PE - next exercise - use a pet's name or a family member, or anything that's long enough to make it a challenge! 

Art - Ten Things

Monday, 21st June


Right:  here's the link to Sats papers - remember, 2018 only.  Have a look at the Reading paper first.  Don't worry about timings too much, but with next week in mind, 20 minutes for each section would be about right.  

Circles Maths 21-6-21

Friday 14th May, 2021

Board Game - The Silk Road

Thursday 13th May

Maths - Arithmetic Test

Reading SATs Paper Practice

Science Presentation 

Animal Presentation Instructions

Friday, 30th April



Maths pgs 32/33

English pg 51


Spellings - 

compulsion, repulsion, permission, station, definition, possession


Enjoy the long weekend, all.  See you Tuesday. 

Summer Term 2021

Welcome back, all.  Hope you all enjoyed your Easter break.  And so begins your final term here at WBJS. Let's do all we can to make it as memorable as possible. 


Homework for 23.4.21

Maths pgs 30/31

Literacy pgs 32/33


Spellings - 

i sound becoming y

typical, gymnastics, cryptic, pyramid, dynasty, abysmal


Parents - our topic for Summer 1 is The Golden Age of Islam.  We've already enjoyed an introductory day on Wednesday.  Below is some information on what is to follow in the coming weeks...


Reading - Wednesday 31st and Thursday 1st April 
Tuesday 30th March - Thursday 1st April
Thursday 2nd April

English Lessons - Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

Alma - Emotions Graph Monday 15th March
Alma - Pathetic fallacy Tuesday 16th March
Alma - Showing not telling Wednesday 17th March

Alma - Planning Thursday 18th March

Design Technology - Lesson 1. Thursday 18th March
First News - Friday 19th March

It's Science Week!

We are doing this in the classroom. If you are at home, see if you can join in.



We have a whole host of exciting activities for you today. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Guess the MASKED READERS. Details on Class Dojo.
  • Do the special WBJS BOOK WALK .  There are 81 book covers in the windows of houses all over West Bridgford for you and your family to spot.  You can download a list of streets to check below!  Don't forget to take a selfie or two of you on your walk and post it on Dojo.
  • Make a potato character. Check out the examples on Dojo.



The Masked Reader!

FROZEN PLANET - Spring Term 2021


Resources for week beginning 1.3.21

Hopefully, your last week of home learning.  See below for all you'll need. 




Below are the Vipers questions for The Little Freak.  The film will be uploaded onto here after our 10.30 input.  You'll understand why when we meet. 

The Little Freak Vipers questions

English 2.3.21


Little Freak - Zone of Relevance

English  3.3.21



Little Freak Emotions Graph

English 5.3.21

Little Freak Letter-writing

Maths Videos

Maths worksheets
5.3.21  Maths - Arithmetic and Investigation
Science - Monday 1st March - Human Evolution
Topic - Tuesday 2nd March - Climate Change

Computing - Wednesday, 3rd March

1 - Systems - you'll need pen and paper

2 - Systems and Us

P.E  Friday, 5th March


Resources for week beginning 22.2.21

Please remember it is INSET DAY on Monday 22nd Feb.

Lessons recommence online and in school on Tuesday 23rd Feb.

Maths w/c 22nd Feb

Friday 26th February

PE Tuesday 23rd February

Click on the link below to watch the activity instructions - spend a good half hour on this and, if possible, try to film your endeavours. 

Cardboard Art - Wednesday 24th February, 2021

Celebrity Supply Teacher - Thursday 25th February.

Coming soon.