West Bridgford Junior School


Year 6





Dear Year 6,

Hope you're all well.  Below is the final PGL letter; hopefully it tells you all you need to know.  As always, please contact us if you have any remaining queries.  We will inform the children of their dorms towards the end of next week.  This is always a difficult and delicate process; we appreciate your support in this regard.  PGL have now received all the info necessary. 





Maths - page 8

Literacy - pages 12/13


Spellings - infer, inferred, inference, referring, reference, referral, preferred, preference, prefer, preferring, privilege, nuisance, guarantee, thorough, relevant





Dear Year 6,


The term is moving on apace and the juggernaut that is PGL hurtles towards us.  Please look out for our Final Arrangements letter towards the end of next week.  A reminder at this point that the children will require a sleeping bag and pillow. 

We have our SRE sessions next week and there is a letter attached above directing you towards the videos should you wish to prepare yourself for any questions. 




Some of you may have noticed that our spelling lists incorporate a range: some from the current pattern, some of the curriculum statutory list and a few related to a current topic, aiding understanding as well as spelling skills.

This week's are:

snatched, smirked, crept, hurtled, exclaimed, forgave, scrambled, foreign, bruise, appreciate, sincere, harass, hurricane, scrambled, infectious, formation.


As part of our reading focus this year, we intend to send home a comprehension task instead of their grammar books on occasion.  This week, your child should have an A4 sheet named 'Liam the Park Keeper'. 


Maths is Mental skills on Page 22. 


Homework 20.09.19


Maths - Rounding (pg 7)

English - Subject and object (pg 22-23)


Spellings 20.09.19


jabbing lighting
digging snowing
regretted rogue
rubble evacuate
throttle aerodrome
beaming conceited
raiding transform



Class 12 TT Rockstars League

Week 1 fixtures

Week 1 fixtures 1