West Bridgford Junior School


Young Voices Choir

Hi all


As we explained at today's rehearsal - it really is down to you now with no more practises before the day itself! It's really important that you do your best (as we will be!) to learn the song words before next Tuesday. Unfortunately, after lots of attempts, it won't let me upload the dance videos and so you will just have to do your best to remember them. If you know the words off by heart, we can go through the actions again on Tuesday morning before we set off. 


Priority list: 

- Nile Rogers Disco Party

- Sing from your Heart 

- Trolls Medley 

- Don't worry be Happy 

- Any others you think you know less well 


Please put lots of effort in this week - one last push! 


Many thanks


Mrs Arnold, Mr Martin and Mrs Green 

Go the Distance/Just around the Riverbend

Trolls Medley

Sing from your Heart



Over The Hillls.mp3

Nile Rodgers Disco Party.mp3


Don't Worry Mashup.mp3